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Master P

No Limit Records is the world's #1 rap label. It was founded and is run by the man himself Master P. Master P was born Percy Miller, the oldest of five children, in New Orleans. There he grew up in the infamous Calliope Apartments, now known as the B.W. Cooper Apatments. At the age of 11, P's parents divorced. From age 15 on, he shuffled between his mother in Richmond, California and his grandmother in New Orleans. He attended Catholic school in 7th and 8th grade, but transferred to Booker T. Washington High in New Orleans. After a brief career as a scholarship basketball player (including a walk on spot at the University of Houston), he moved back to Richmond, California and studied business at Merritt Junior College in Oakland. In the late 80', he used $10,000 dollars he inherited from his grandfather to start No Limit, then a retail operation in Richmond. In 1990, he composed No Limit into a record company. Landing on the charts first for No Limit Records was Master P's "The Ghetto Is Trying To Kill Me". But along with the fame, came the negative. In 1991, a teen on trial for robbery, pleaded that P's song "211" urged him to do it. But nothing could hold P and No Limit Records down. TRU's first label release TRU sold more than 200,000 units and Master P's first two albums sold more than 300,000 units combined. TRU's Tru 2 Da Game has sold more than 300,000 units already, and P's Ice Cream Man is gold and still selling. With playas in the game like Master P, there will always be a link between these two regions thanx to P. The Bay Area and the dirty South are key areas in the rap game that have flourishing underground scenes that will continue to help influence the evolution of hip-hop and rap music. And thanx to Master P, these artists have a chance to be Bout It. In 1996, Master P was named Rap Artist of the Year by Murder Dog Magazine. With his rugged style and his truthful lyrics he is sure to win more awards and continue to succeed in this never ending rap game. Besides TRU, Master P now consists of one half another No Limit artist. Along with Mystikal, they are the 504 Boyz.

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