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[A.K.A. Tha' Genius,The Head,Maxamillion,Justice]
Labels:GZA Entertainment[Self-Made Label],Geffen,Loud[w/Clan]
Age:Older than the sun,the moon,and the stars

The GZA is a very knowledgable member of tha' Wu. He is tha' oldest member of tha' clan and he iz' also known as tha' head of tha' clan because he taught RZA[cousin], who in turn taught tha' Ol' Dirty Bastard[cousin]. He was also tha' first clan member to release an album,"Words from the Genius" released on Cold Chillin' Records. The release of Liquid Swordz wasn't to big, but afta' it was out for about a month it was very big. My personal opinon iz' that tha' album wasn't big at first because it didn't have any kind of advertisements to let everyone know tha' album was coming out. This album iz' definitely a lethal part of any Wu Tang collection. This album iz' also known to be tha' best album put out by any member of tha' clan without it actually being a clan album. Liquid Swordz iz' definitely worth tha' money if you don't already own it.

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