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Baranwals Online


Career & Migration (Advice & Guidance):

  • Info regarding migration to Canada or any other info about Canada: Mail to Dilip Kumar

  • In the area of Post Graduation for Doctors in USA: Mail to Akhil Baranwal

  • In the area of Technical education(Including software) for students who choose Math after their 10+2: Mail to Saurabh Sagar | Ajay Baranwal

  • If one want to get any information in respect of matters relating to taxation, accounts, project financing
    and any information required in respect of the course offered in
    Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship and ICWA: Mail to Sanjay Barnwal

  • Careers & courses related with Hotel Management, Courses offered abroad in this field: Mail to Pranay Kumar Parimal

  • Careers in Merchant Navy: Mail to Akhilesh Prasad

  • Jobs in Dubai, UAE: Mail to Lalit Gupta

  • Info regarding migration to Australia: Please visit: Australian Immigration --- Submitted by Sanjay Baranwal

  • Results & Counselling


  • Link for CBSE Engg Entrance: CBSE Engg Entrance

  • Link for IIT-JEE Result: IIT-JEE

  • One good website: Education Info

  • School's website: Girl's Residential School

  • School's website: Boy's Residential School

  • School's website: Doon School

  • UGC website: University Grants Commission

  • AICTE website: AICTE

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