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Baranwals Online wishes you all the best in your future!!

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With the start of Internet Age, we as a Baranwal community could not have been left behind, So I have taken this initiative with common minded people to create a common platform where we can share information about our community happening around the Globe and could be in touch with each other. So this site has been created for the Baranwals and by the Baranwals.
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Originating from different parts of North India, now a days one can find Baranwals all around the globe. As a small community of India, when we talk with each other & discuss our relationships, its usually happens that we find ourselves somehow related with each other. Since most of the Baranwals marraiges take place within our community, This has also made our community in close with each other.

Initially our profession was restricted to only business & somewhere farming, but with the advancement of technology, we as a baranwal are settled in all sorts of profession.

Please spread the word around, the more the merrier!!


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