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Sleep with your eyes open...feel the smooth melancholy seep into your skin. Tempting, enduring, leaves you craving for more. They are Morcheeba. I first heard of Morcheeba in April when I saw them open for Fiona Apple. I did not expect them to be good, and I definitly did not expect them to be better than Fiona, which they were. That night I bought the cd and have rarely taken it out of my cd player since (with the exception of putting it in someone else's player ha ha ha). Their music combination is very interesting to say the least. Scratching and looping, balanced with a sixties rock flavor, covered with Skye's smooth voice is quite a recipe. It is odd how MTV never plays them considering the fact that there is a group called Sneaker Pimps who are a mere imitation of Morcheeba and they are played often. I guess it truly doesn't matter though, Morcheeba will still have there fans and from what I have understood they have quite a few fans in Europe and Africa.

Skye (originally from the band Flytrap) was brought up in East London where she majored in fashion (and boy does she know how to dress). She was writing folks songs when she met the other two-thirds of what we now call Morcheeba. They met a common ground realizing that songwriting of today has gone downhill since the sixties. They turned to the rock of the sixties to create their original sound.

Funky, soothing, dark, maybe even kind of acid-jazz is how I would describe Morcheeba. But don't try to put them in a category because they have created a new category. The category of a different time, a different mind frame, a different era. The era of Morcheeba.

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