December 19, 2001
As you can tell by the name of this angelfire page (ak, the current 'new' ak listing are ak5) this site has been around since 1997. My 'web life' evolved from Angelfire to Tripod to Geocities to Crosswinds to FortuneCity to a subdomain on to my own domain at between the years 1997-2001. Now that I am in a debate between keeping (keep paying for it that is) or using one of the SEVERAL free accounts I still have open, I have decided to use the bananaking space for journaling, photography, music, and any other creative out I decide to share.

Yes, I know the counter on this page is hideous, but it is interesting to know how many people have visited this spot since 1997, so, I don't want to take it down just yet.

While this site is undergoing construction, please visit my band site at the official Elation site. Please sign the guestbook so I know someone is interested in what is to come.

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