My Review of K's Choice...Atlanta, GA 8/2/97

On August first and second, K's Choice played at the Roxy in Atlanta with Tonic and The Verve Pipe. On August 30th, Asmo and I (a friend driving), traveled two and a half hours to Atlanta to buy Veruca Salt tickets (which I might add we didn't), we arrived at a Blockbuster Music to purchase these sacred tickets and noticed a banner outside that said,"Join Us August 2nd....For A Free Performance and Meet The Bands K's Choice, Tonic, and The Verve Pipe at 3pm". We then decided that we would be returning on the second to check out K's Choice (who cares about Tonic and The Verve Pipe anyways). It had been awhile since I had seen K's Choice live (when they opened for Alanis a few years back) and Asmo had never seen them so we HAD to go. What should we take? What should we wear? The anxiety caught up with us that morning.

We left Wetumpka, Alabama at about 9:45am. Our journey was not very stressful (yet) and we arrived at Blockbuster at about 1:12pm. The radio station was already set up but there weren't many people there. We went inside and they were setting up the stage. Wow! What was this! We had misread the sign and didn't realize that they were playing (we thought it was just an autograph session). This was really cool...autographs AND a free performance. So, we hung around for awhile and brought in the cd (to be signed) and camera. As we were walking around, the bands were coming in through the front door, but no members from K's Choice. Then this dork with an ugly green shirt and big straw hat came in with some slut on his arm. He about knocked us over (or at least tried to). He was obviously a member of one of the bands....we found out that he was the lead singer from Tonic (prick).

After being so rudely treated we decided it was time to go make our indention on the carpet. We were lucky (and early) so we got to sit right in front about 4 feet from the stage that was only about 1 1/2 feet off of the ground. This rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were busy tuning and some guy teased us with ideas that we might get to see K's Choice (but he never returned). That was ok though...we would anyway! Gert popped out for a minute and talked to the tech tuning the guitars then he went back to their secret room (actually it was the jazz section with posters on the windows).

After a slight period or waiting, Sarah came out and the band followed. I snapped a picture and she looked up to see were it came from (since we were right in the center at the very front) and she waved at Asmo...he was stunned and drooling so I took another one. They performed "Only Dreaming" and then the radio chick interupted to advertise some junk and asked the audience to ask some questions. One person asked if "Breakfast" was a true story and she replied,"yes...but it didn't happen in the kitchen". I thought that was pretty cool. Then some other questions came(you know, the general 'how old are you' 'how long have you been a band' etc.). Then Gert said,"Sarah, what is it like to work with your brother?" and she said,"We don't get along at all.." That was cute (that is what Asmo just said...).

Next she sang "Not An Addict" and Asmo lost it. He really LOVES that song. She totally rocked. The last song they sang was a new one called "In Your Room". It was too cool! Sorry if I am talking like a valley grrl...I am excited ok! So, they left the stage and the sucky bands played. For awhile Sarah hung out around the corner filming them but I guess they sucked too much so she stopped (he he he...I am sorry if I am biased but that guy was a prick). After suffering through the other bands, it was to get autograph"s".

We stood in line, about 10 people back and it was no time before we got up there. They had the three bands in a row, K's Choice was first. We approached the table and divided the cd into three parts (the cd, cover, and back panel.....they signed all three parts because they said,"you guys rock...we will sign all 3 parts just for you!" --that is a joke, ha ha..but they did sign all 3 parts). Asmo, being estatic, talked to Sarah (and talked and talked and talked). Then he said,"Sarah, can I take your picture?" she said,"sure" and posed. He then said to me,"There...are you happy now, I got your picture." I was totally embarassed and Sarah just looked up and grinned at me and I didn't say a damn word! Ok, I was too excited to talk but who wouldn't be (besides Asmo). After Gert signed it, we left, we DID NOT get the other bands autographs....I hope they noticed pricks!

We left and drove around and Asmo said,"Let's go back!" So, we did. When we walked in, Gert was trying on sunglasses and the other bands were walking around. Asmo spotted Sarah in the jazz room but I was too chicken to go in there. We walked around for awhile and she disappeared. But that damn Tonic band was still there like a bad plague. At one point that prick lead singer waved to me and I looked at him like "you prick!". Well, that is about it for my K's Choice story, but I did get quite a few pictures...he he he. Not to add her water bottle(ok...who wouldn't pick it up..I am NOT, really....I am NOT...ok..maybe a little bit).