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Building the Ark

Hi, thanks for visiting my home page, I am Arkmom, thus the title "Building the Ark".I reside in Ontario, Canada...(not Arkansas). Outside of my computer world, people know me better as Andrea. I am a young ( some what tired) mother of two.

My daughter Teagan is 4 and will be starting school this fall, one of us is ready for this step and one of us is not!.

My son Noah is 2. He is an entertaining and energetic 2 year old ( but aren't they all).

I am married to a wonderful, supportive guy, Don. He allows me free rein of my domain and this helps us to get along quite well...don't tell him I said this!

I work part time out side of my home, and more than full time in the home. My job title is an Educational real language this means that I work for the school board with handicapped children. At the present time I am working with the blind as a braille transcriber. Unfortunately this is not a skill I can share with you over the internet.

One of my skills that I can share with you over the "net" is my passion for poetry and writing.

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