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Links to Sheet Music on the Web

Original Compositions

Guillermo Venegas Lloveras's Guitar Music
Classical Guitar from Puerto Rico. This site contains several of Lloveras's waltzes, dances, and other pieces in .GIF format.

Allan Alexandar's Classical Guitar Page
Contains some teasers, excerpts from Alexandar's compositions, which include interesting Venezuelan waltzes and other Danzas, in .GIF format. Try the sample, then buy the remainder of the piece; a steal at $3 to $4 per piece.

Asturias, transcribed by Mark Windham
Available in .GIF and Acrobat

U. Warneke's Page
Original compositions by Warneke, along with drawings. You can listen to samples before deciding whether you want to learn to play them.

Larry Cooperman's Guitar Music
This site is good for beginners. It has guitar instructions and practice pieces (.GIF) for beginning, intermediate, and good guitarists, as well as Cooperman's own music.

Sveinn Eythorsson's Guitar Page
A handful of compositions, by Eythorsson and others. "Satin Doll" and other jazz. Also, a Brazilian composition. Four pieces are arranged for guitar trios, all in .GIFs.

David Harvey's Music
Original compositions by Harvey, as well as some arrangements of classical pieces. Henry Purcell fans should like this.

Hubertus Nogatz
An original, "Internet Blues," by Nogatz.

Herbert M. Midgley II
Mr. Midgley provides an original, easy-to-play guitar suite for your enjoyment.

Classical Classical

Spencer Doidge's Guitar Page
Lots of standard classical guitar pieces are available here. As are some of Doidge's own compositions. The sheet music is in .GIF format, and MIDI files as well as performance pointers accompany each piece.

Classical Guitar From Russia
Music of Villa-Lobos, Abreu, Bach, Pernambuco, De Visee, and a host of other composers, including some Russians, all available in .GIF

Vesa Polkki: Classical Music from Finland
Contains traditional Finnish music, original compositions by Polkki, as well as some Hungarian pieces. Some music for solo guitar, as well as for guitar orchestra and other combinations. All in .GIF.

Casa de la Guitarra Espanola
Contains compositions by Gaspar Sanz for solo guitar. All in .GIF.

Mark Long's Classical Guitar Sheet Music Page
Part of Mark Long's classical guitar aficionado site. Currently, it contains sheet music for Fernando Sor's Estudio Opus 6 Number 5 (.GIF).

Ragtime Guitar Music
This site contains fingerstyle arrangements of ragtime favorites. The site also features MIDI clips of the pieces. The sheet music is created on TablEdit software, which is well worth the $50 it costs.

Visit the TablEdit Home Page. The program (a mere $50) can be downloaded easily.
The Guitarist Classical Guitar Homepage
This page contains several pieces (Holst, Carcassi, Bach, de Lucia, Satie, etc.) in .GIF format

Jorge Guillen's Guitar Page
Compositions by J.S. Bach, A.M. Bach, Scarlatti, Krieger, Purcell, Sanz, Rameau, Handel, Elizabeth Rogers, and Maurice Greene. All in .GIFs.

Stephen Tafra's Guitar Page
Contains a few free compositions by the likes of Albeniz, J.S. Bach, Anon, etc. In .GIFs.

"English Guitar Centre" Page
Contains some traditional pieces arranged for two, three, and more guitars. .GIFs.

Rick Whitehouse's Guitar Page
Contains sheet music for "Waltzing Matilda."

Ulf Dalnas's Guitar Page
Contains an original composition by Ulf, as well as a Mozart sonata (Kv331) arranged by Ulf.

D & H Music Sales
"Country Dance," and "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair"--These traditional pieces are hosted on the Frederick Noad Web site.

David Harvey's Guitar Page
Contains "Kernow Air" in .GIF format

Here are some additional Guitar Music Links for browsing, pricing, shopping.

The links below are, as of 9/1/99, out of commission. If anybody knows what's become of them, please email me. They contained some great free sheet music.

Sasa Seculic's Guitar Music
Contains traditional Spanish, Argentine, Brazilian, Italian, Peruvian pieces. Also Bach and others. An excellent resource. All in .GIF.

Francois Castet's Guitar Music
This site features several pieces, intended for guitar students with 3 or fewer years of experience. Several melodies come from Mexico. All are available in .GIF and Acrobat

Classical Guitar Sheet Music
A selection of standard baroque, classical, and modern pieces transcribed for guitar. To use them, you have to unzip the .ZIP files (using Zipit) and use TablEdit.

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