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Hi, Welcome to the best Akane Tendo page in the whole WWW. As I have never found a page dedicated to Akane that was worth a visit, I have decided to create one with IMAGES, because the other pages never filled my need for Akane images. Here you will find the best image archive of the most beautiful girl in manga and the entire world, Akane Tendo.
You will also find some data, games, icons, wallpapers and links of Akane: PLEASE, IF ANYONE HAS A PIC THAT IS WORTHY TO BE SEEN, SEND IT TO ME BY E-MAIL! Also, if you have any comment or suggestion, please send your message

From now on, this site has a big contributor, Bradster. Many of the new images in the archive will be provided by him. He has his own site and it is AWESOME, A MUST VISIT. YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!
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March 10 2000. Sorry for not making any update in a long time, but college takes most of my time. I promise something will happen soon. Thank's to all of you, you are the ones that keep this site alive.

August 26 99. In this update you will find 40 new images, 2 new Winamp Skins and a new wallpaper (The best I´ve ever made). I hope you like it, THANK YOU very much for all your comments and support.

July 8 99. FINALLY AN UPDATE!. Because of the delay, this update contains 100 new anime images. Most of the images are from the Ranma Movies.

July 6 99. Sorry for not writting anything here in many time. As you see the site look changed a lot. I hope you like it. I have some problems with my account, as soon as I fixed that, I will upload 80 new anime pics, 15 manga pics and some new Winamp Skins. Patience Please!

March 13 99. READY!. Because of the delay, this update contains 60 new images and 2 new wall papers. Image 476 was made by me, I hope you like it. In this update I started to add some manga scans. I will made a section of them when I got plenty enought to open it. In a few days, the page will be one year old. Thank you very much for your support.


January 15 99. 40 new images, 1 new wall paper and a new icon send by Alejandra Cano, Thank you very much. Image 398 was sent by Erik Torrecilla. Coming Soon a section of Akane´s manga images .

December 9 98. Again, sorry for the delay, there are 40 new images and 2 new wall papers (the image 349 is another of my "creations"). A small change in the layout. Thank you for all your comments. Remember that I´m counting on you to make real all tha plans of the page.

October 22 98. Sorry for the delay. As you can see there's a lot of changes since the last time, and that changes took me a lot of time. I hope you like them, please tell me what you think (also tell me your opinion about image 301, again, made by myself). The archive now has 340 Akane images and all the new stuff. I have many plans for the page. I want to open three new sections. The first one with akane video clips (I will open it until I find a way to capture the clips). Another section with Fanfics were Akane is the main character and a section in wich we will find how Akane would look like in the real world (idea thinked by me, and I was convinced by Erick Torrecilla Cuevas who had the same idea). However, I need your help to open the last two sections. If you find or have a Fanfic with Akane as the main character, please send it to me. Also if you know some one who looks like Akane, please send me the picture so we can start with the contest. Thank you very much for still signing the guestbook.

September 20 98. Some changes in the menu and the background, I hope you like it. 40 images update (I made image 295, please tell me what you think). The archive now has the amazing quantity of 300 images of lovely Akane. Thank you very much for keeping signing the guestbook, I only ask you to enter your correct e-mail adress, because I´m having trouble aswering some e-mails because of that mistake. Please vote for this site in the Anime Top 100.

August 30 98. Another 20 images update. Thank you very much for signing the guestbook, I will try to e-mail back to everyone who has sign it and thanks for your suggestions. I will try to please you if it's possible. Please help me promote this site so everyone can enjoy this page.

August 8 98. Small update, only 20 new images. Nobody has signed my guestbook, please do it so I can know what you really think of this page.

July 25 98. Small changes, division bars added in most of the pages, I also change the text color. The only relevant change is my new guest book, please sign it so I can know what you really think of this page

July 5 98. Many changes, more and great links, lot´s of java, and the most important, 60 NEW IMAGES, the archive now has 220 images and more to come (Unveliebable! Is´nt it?).

June 21 98. New menu. I hope you like it (believe me, I really made my best effort)

June 21 98. Ready! all the images are now in the archive, now, it has 160 images of the lovely Akane. Unfortunately, I´m out of space in my account, so the next update will take a little longer but be sure it will come A.S.A.P.

June 16 98. I´ve already got 157 Akane images in my hard disk, only 100 of them are published here. In less the a week, I promise to publish them all.

May 28 ´98. I hope you like the site in frames format. I did it bacause I wanted to improve the loading time of the page and to save some space in my account

May 20 ´98. I have just adquired over 70 new images. Most of them where captured by myself. I will publish the pictures as soon as I got the time, so check back soon. Meanwhile, I will try to publish the images in small blocks.

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