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About Ajith Kumara Menon

I am a Consultant with Info Communication Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) , formerly National Computer Board (NCB).

My current assignment is with Ministry of Law, Land System Support Unit.  I have Conceptualised, Designed and Project Manage Land Information Network Infrastructure (LandNet)  - A national infrastructure that will facilitate government and private agencies on-line exchange and access land related data and develop value added applications for real estate, transportation, business geographic etc. The applying technologies include CORBA, DCOM, Internet, ORDMS, GIS and E-Commerce. The project prototype is in the final stage of development.

My earlier assignment include  Consultant for Kuwait Utility Data and Management System (KUDAMS), in Kuwait Municipality and Department of Planning, State of Kuwait, Application Engineer - Intergraph Corporation and Sr. Product Executive with Rolta India Ltd.

I have ,  Master of Technology  (M.Tech) and Master of Science (M.Sc) from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. IIT Bombay.

Consultant and Technical Papers

1. Intranet based Collaborative Decision Support for Urban Planning Kuwait Perspective , 1996
2. Geographical Information Systems (GIS)  and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) integration - emerging and existing technology (consultant paper, 1996)
3. Internet for Real Estate industry in Kuwait a feasibility study  ( Consultant Paper, 1997)
4. Automatic Mapping and Facility Management for Telecommunication Network ( Expert Paper,1997)
5. Concept Paper on Land Information Network Infrastructure (LandNet), for Singapore, 1998 (restricted)
6. Discussion Paper on Data standards and core Metadata elements for Singapore Land Data, 1999. (Land Data Hub, Singapore)
7. Technology Reference Model for Land Information Network Model, Land System Support Unit, Singapore ( classified,1999)
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