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Timed Cheats

Okay folks, here are the cheats, level, difficulty level, and times for the levels in GoldenEye 007.

Paintball Mode/Dam/Secret Agent/2:40

Invicibilty/Facility/00 Agent/2:05

DK Mode/Runway/Agent/5:00

2X Grenade Launcher/Surface #1/Secret Agent/3:30

2X Rocket Launcher/Bunker #1/00 Agent/5:00

Turbo Mode/Silo/Agent/3:00

No Radar (multi)/Frigate/Secret Agent/4:30

Tiny Bond/Surface #2/00 Agent/4:15

2X Throwing Knives/Bunker #2/Agent/1:30

Fast Animation/Statue/Secret Agent/3:15

Invisible/Archives/00 Agent/1:20

Enemy Rockets/Streets/Agent/1:45

Slow Animation/Depot/Secret Agent/1:30

Silver PP7/Train/00 Agent/5:25

2X Hunting Knives/Jungle/Agent/3:45,

Infinite Ammo/Control/Secret Agent/10:00

2X RC-P90s/Caverns/00 Agent/9:30

Gold PP7/Cradle/Agent/2:15

2X Lasers/Aztec/Secret Agent/9:00

All Guns/Egyptian/00 Agent/6:00