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Tricks and Glitches

This is my tricks and glitches center. Have fun! If you have any tricks or glitches, e-mail me them.

Paintballs Without Cheat- Go to Aztec. Shoot the gray walls in the control room with any gun. Watch as paintball sploches magically appear. This also works if you shoot the walls in the Caverns or the road blocks in the streets.

Floating Mines and Weapons- Go to any Bunker with All Guns and Infinite Ammo. Kill everyone for complete consentration. Go to the Control Room and throw a remote mine on the eight hanging TVs. Once done, detonate them, and try and throw a mine! This also works in the Archives! Destroy a Library window and throw a mine!

Invisible Mine- Go to Surface #2 and go to where the helicopter is. plant the mine on it, and quickly destroy it. the mine should blow, but the helicopter won't! And the timer will keep going! Now wait until the timer runs out. The Helicopter explodes!

Be a Traitor!- Go to Surface #2 and go to the satillite dish. Go to the comunacations room. Instead of destroying it, press 'B' next to it. A picture should come up and it says, "Da, whats wrong comrade?" and the alarm goes off.

Alec Won't Die- Go to Cradle on 007 mode with everything on 0, and with the Gold PP7. Follow him until he activates the control console. Shoot him with the Gold PP7, he doesn't die!

Cut 007's Arm of- Go to Dam and switch to you hand. Don't kill anyone. Get the Sniper Rifle, and press 'A' three times fast. Now 007 fights with his arm!