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Spicy Releases!!!


1. Wannabe

2. Say you'll be there

3. 2 become 1

4. Who do you think you are/Mama

5. Spice Up Your Life

6. Too Much

All of the above have reached #1 on the charts!!!


The girls have now released a video which has all the videos from the singles plus lots more unmissable stuff.

The Movie

In December 1997 the Spice Girls movie was released in cinemas across the UK. The movie is called "Spiceworld." Many Celebs were asked to participate in the movie such as elton John!!!


The girls have also written a book called "Girl Power!" which is now avaliable.

Camera's & Dolls!!!

The girls have come up with a polaroid camers called the is selling in Britain but I don't know when it will come to other places!!!The spice dolls are a great seller!!!they are selling for $19.99.GET YOURS TODAY!!!!!


Pencils, stickers, gum, portfolio's, pens pencil cases and many other products are being sold in most dollar stores!!!