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Find out which spice U have the most in common with!!!

1.)Your idea of a great time is:A)Shopping at the Local Mall B)Getting a group of friends together for a soccer game C)Going out for a night of dancing D)Hanging in your room and calling up your CRUSH object E)Visiting a coffee bar and talking with your friends.

2)What do you want 4 your Birthday:

A)a gift certificate to a fancy store B)A mountain Bike C)a new tatoo D)A sweet-smelling bottle of perfume E)new platform shoes

3) Who's your dream guy?:

A) Leo DiCaprio B)Zach Ty Bryan C)George Clooney D)Johnny Depp E)Noel Gallagher from Oasis.

4)If U were home watching t.v witha guy, what show would U watch:

A)Nothing B)Sports show C)MTV D) gossip show like e.t E)Comedy

5) Where do U and Your best friend go 2 chow down:

A)a heath food place B) Mc Donalds C)U skip dinner and head 2 the nearest pastry shop D) N E where but a Japanese restaurant E)any place that plays SPICE GIRL MUSIC!!! Scrole down 4 answers:







Mostly B: Sporty

Mostly C: Scary

Mostly D:Emma

Mostly E: GERI!!!!