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Quiz(Are You Tay's Dream Girl?)

1. Your idea of a perfect date is:(A)A candel light dinner for two(B)Gossiping over an iced cappuccino(C)Rollerblading and a slice of pizza

2. Its' Saturday morning,with T.V remaote in hand you tune into:(A) The local news channel(B) That info about the amazing whatchamacallit(C) cartoons

3. When your finished with your homework you espeacilly enjoy:(A)Dressing up your dolls(B)Gabbing on the phone(C) Drawing and doodling

4. Your idea of hip outfit is:(A)Tight leggings,a bulky sweatshirt and running sneakers(B)Tiny mini-dress or skimpy haltertop with heels(C)A stripped or vintage shirt,baggy,jeans and docs

5. You would describe yourself as:(A) The funniest,loudest,wackiest girl in your crew(B) Crazy shy,you're as quiet as a mouse(C) Modest,sincere and honest

6. WHat would you say is your fav class in school?(A) SCHOOL? i hate SCHOOL!!(B) home Economics and Science(C) English and Art scroll down for anwsers!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! H A N S O N R U L E S T H E W O R L D

Mostly A's: Nothing in common with tay... SORRY!!!

Mostly B's: Your almost there!! You have some stuff in common!!


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