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Welcome to Wizards Denn
Site is currently Updating all information for the AD&D 3 Edition series. Stay tuned for future updates.

     Hello and welcome to the wizards denn home page. The grand opening has become. The world of D&D has begun. Travel through these pages as if they were the mystical lands of mystaria. Venture forth to new worlds, find new weapons, and all kinds of new stuff for destruction of your deadly enemies. No DM or player can live without protection so venture through this site and gain those materials. I give a special thanks to my DM Christopher Ryan Rooney for helping me create some of the Items displayed on this site. He has helped me allot to become the DM I now am. If any of you travelers need answers to the questions you seek on this game please E-mail me and I most likely have the answer. Also don't forget to sign my guestbook. I really need your feed back on what you think of my site. Thank you.


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Well if you want it, I either have it on my hard drive as we speak or it is on my web site. Well you have arrived time to start your adventure. Journey forth. Below is a link to one of my pages that has some information as we speak so check it out before you leave.

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This site will be changing all the time so keep checking back. This site changes every day a little bit as I progress on it. Please let me know what you think.


Well it's finally here. I have been talking about it since the opening of my site in January of the coming of my worlds page. Well there is no more waite. Please check it out and tell me what you think. Tell me what you think in my guest book if you would. Immortals page is now posted on the characters page. 100% complete. Hope you like it.
Whats coming soon
I have just had a good suggestion from a fellow traveler of my domain. For he has left no name I can not give him to much credit, but his suggestion was for me to make a new page for stories of my adventurers. So coming soon the new stories page. I shall have new stories and old stories of when I was a player. I hope you will enjoy it.

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