Is it summer yet??

I just got pictures from this past summer.
With all the snow and crap going on, I think it
is nice to look at them and pretend it is a nice,
peaceful summer.

Goin' to the waterpark

Andrea OnSlide

I love waterslides

and plunging headfirst into the cool pool of water at the bottom.

: ) Life is good.

Sometimes, like today, life's a beach.

Once we dried off, we went to Margarittaville.
(The authentic one near Put-in-Bay where Jimmy Buffet wasted away, again)

Some people say that there's a woman to blame...
but we didn't need any excuse for drinking tasty margaritas by the pitcher.

We can drink like fishes, see.

Once sober, we took a ferry to Put-In-Bay.

Family vacations are nice.

And if you disagree, then = b

Sleeping at friends' condo, always good.
Watching Kids in the Hall on tv at friends' condo, even better.
("i'm crushing your head!")

End road trip.