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Welcome to the Arabian Gulf Web-Ring. Well this ring is rather unique in that it is not limited to just one group or subject. If you are an Arab or Muslim we want you to join our ring. That means that if your site is about your country or about your religion you are welcomed. Don't let the title "Arabian Gulf" fool you. This ring is open to all Arabs and Muslims. Now that that is out of the way! Let's get to some requirements.


    We at Arabian Gulf web-ring will not tolerate any profanity or any material pertaining to this subject.

    We at Arabian Gulf web-ring will not tolerate any bashing of each other's faith or sects of faith.

    We at Arabian Gulf web-ring will not tolerate any distasteful or abusive material about one another's countries.

    Here are the steps to add your web-site:

    1. Click on add you home page provided after these instructions. Note...if you do not have an Yahoo! account you will be required to do so in order to join the rings.:)

    2. Once you have filled out the form and pressed the "submit" button, your site will be reviewed and an email will be sent to you of how to obtain the ring fragment containing your information. Copy and paste the ring fragment onto your page. This is what the ring will look like when properly placed on your site.

    3. Hurray…you will be part of our family!

    My Other Home Page

    Add your home page

    This Ring is an Example for the Web-Ring home page do not copy this one. You will receive the proper fragment by email. Thank You Copy Right @ Naser

    Arabian Gulf