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Love & Marriage

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Love & Marriage

Husband & Wife

We are interested in helping married people learn to relate to each other. To stay happy and in love. Speaking from experience of 32 years and counting. So we figure if it works for us just maybe it can work for you. Life isn't always a bowl of cherries! Sometimes it's just headache after headache. And disappointment after disappointment. But if you are willing to work together it can work out. It can be such a rewarding experience.
Cupid some times shows people what they all ready know. Love comes in many guise's...We all have the will and the capacity to love just some have more then others.

Different Loves

When two people fall in love. There is a long road ahead that they may not be ready to travel. Many people think that the sensation "If it feels good do it". Works the same in Marriage. Which it does not even come close to the real meaning of an everlasting relationship.


If you have any questions we will answer them to the best of our ability. Please do not hesitate to e-mail or write us to the address below.

I would only ask for donations to this cause we all need help in life and love so this will be a heart felt thank you to anyone who would like to donate to this Web Page to help me with expenses.

Personally Yours

Bob & Jo Ann Langendorfer H.C. 67, Box 140 Anchor Point, Alaska 99556-9701

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