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Links that Rule

Angelfire - It rules trust me. They give you free home pages.
Page 2 - Heroin
Page 3 - Courtney Love and Frances
Page 4 - Dave Grohl and Krist Novosleic
Page 5 - A Tribute to Kurt Cobain
Page 6 - Kurt's Suicide Note ="http://www.angelfire.com/ak/KurtCobainandHeroin/Suicide.html"

NIRVANA RULES. KURT will be back. Trust me. I should know. I am a Kurt Cobain Lover and Follower so I should know. I will bring Kurt back and we will rule the world togther. Nirvana is a legacy. And Legacy's NEVER die. Will Kurt be back? Yes. Why? Cause I said so. When's he coming back? Sooner than planned. Actually Tommorow Night when the sun goes down. Kurt's married to Courtney Love. Kurt was killed. He didn't kill himself. Unlike some people. HE WAS KILLED BY THE HITMEN HIS WIFE HIRED TO GET KURT'S MONEY HE WAS LEAVING FOR HER. Why was Kurt killed? For the money he was leaving Courtney and Frances. Was $ more important than Kurt to Courtney? Yes and No. Quotes: The sun is gone- Kurt Cobain. I'm not the only one- Kurt Cobain. I'm not like them but I can pretend - Kurt Cobain.

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