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Page Updated: September 30
Where is Hanson? traveling

Trade/Sell: I have two more 3CGs left and I'm going to sell them for $15 each. They include a Limited Edition Phone Card.
I also have an extra copy of the original tape of hanson's religious vid. I am starting the Bids at $10. so just email me with your bid. thanks:)

Im really sorry but i can only get on the net on weekends. -Jen

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You can rent Hanson for your birthday party!! its true. They play an hour of songs and they hang out for a little bit afterwards. It costs about $100,000 and up. <- Thats a lot!
Marilyn Manson stayed at the same hotel as Hanson while in NYC
Click Here to see a really funny pic.
Hanson's parents met when they were 3 or 4 years old.
Two of the hanson's have reading glasses. I think one of them is Jessica and the other one might be Tay or Zac.
Hanson is forgettin their fans? At the VMAs hanson wouldnt sign a fan's cd. why? i dont know.
When Hanson was asked about the Pres. Clinton scandle they replied "Were just kids, we dont care about that stuff".
Hanson will be doing a Walmart commercial.

Updated: September 12
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