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Well people, a new year, a new Image, a new Nickname. Dont worry DALnet people, on there im still famously known as "Munja", and the new nickname is ofcourse, chucking the Go-Go out and developing my not so original ^Mike-D^ nickname. Mike-D of course being from the legendary Beastie Boys group who you might have heard of. A lot has happened since i last updated this little mess of mine, a lot of it stuff i would rather not talk about, and a lot of stuff id LOVE to talk about. :) Most of my friends know that i attend the Mt Druitt TAFE college in Sydney's west, and there, i have met a lot of nice people, and me and those nice people have developed the ONLY Gang to come out of the MT Druitt College named MT B0YZ !!! The people in the MT B0YZ gang are: ^Mike-D^, Colonel, |NINJA|, DASSASSIN, ^Lego^, Moshman and Knat. Our official Site is on the links below, where u can see our details and of course our beautiful pictures. I am now incharge of keeping that page updated aswell, but I have simply not had time to do so, so pls, dont hold it against me :). Anyway, this particular piece of writing is supposed to get you (the visitor) in the groove of things, so if you wanna know more about me, e-mail me:). till next time, yous all be good, and dont trust anyone !

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MT BOYZ Homepage
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Dire Straits (Mark Knopfler and Co.)
NBA (The very best Ball Players)
Toni Kukoc (Croatian basketball Legend)