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Flowergirl's Tribute to RAMA...

When you think of an enlightened teacher, you contact them inwardly.
An enlightened teacher is pure golden light.
When you focus on them, that light physically enters into you.
The teacher will teach you how to meditate from within.
AH... HUM... OM...

Rama/Dr. Frederick Lenz was an Enlightened teacher of Buddhism whom I met when I was 8. I attended his seminars and studied with him on and off over a period of 18 years. Having grown up around Rama's influence, I had the opportunity to experience life in a magical, most beautiful light, seeing things people only dream of. Rama has passed away, but I hold him in my mind, just as if he were a powerful mantra. Going over every experience I was able to share with him in this life.

I have meditated with Rama in rooms just exploding full of golden light. I have sat with Rama in the desert and watched him float, while a magnificent colored light show went on around us. I have danced into the night with Rama, while energy pulsated to my every step changing the very escence of my being. I have strolled through museums with Rama and seen what true art and expressionism really is. And of course, I have learned to develop a great sense of humor. Rama's two greatest assets - his laughter and his light. Rama taught me how to love life and live every minute to the fullest. He has given me a definate E ticket ride!

Rama taught me about Buddhism, waking my mind by quieting my thoughts. Having a focus in my life and choosing things that empower my energy level. He taught me about enlightenment, and how striving everyday with all of my being would get me one step closer to perfection, nothingness. He taught me how to have fun, yet be serious to get things done. He taught me how meditation clears the mind and allows you to enter into states of higher awareness, and eventually different levels of Samadhi. He showed me how to get to a wonderful place. As Rama would say, "what else is there besides enlightenment?"

Rama embodied the Buddha of compassion. He put his full heart and being into helping others grow spiritually, educationally, physically and financially. He showed me that we all have chosen a path. With self-dicipline we can go beyond the self and beyond suffering. We can let go of our attachments and desires. We can experience eternal bliss and ecstacy and higher states of enlightenment - states for which there are no words.

It is only with the heart that one sees rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-The Little Prince

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    The spirit seeks oblivion.
    To dissolve in the white light of eternity.
    To loose and find itself endlessly in oceans of shifting and shimmering light.

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