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Fonzie's World

My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
Rissy's room-this is my buddy
Jessica's page-this is my buddy too
Jordo's page-this is another of my buddies
Michelle's page-this is yet another buddy
A page all about me
A page dedicated to my friends
Sound of Music

These are my Friends
Aprille (Rilly Joygasim Cleavage) , Brian , Carly , Caryn , Ian , Jessica (Jess) , Jordan (Jordo) , Julie , Karen ,
Lindsay (Buffy) , Laura (Lola) , Michelle (Runt) , Michelle C , Ryan.


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Thank you for coming to my page ,Please sign my Guestbook , It took me so long to make it , I know this page isn't much but hey i am not good at this html stuff....sue me!!!