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What You'll Find, and What's Coming Soon, on This Site

Been gone from the web a long time! For a full explanation, Click Here.

Welcome! This is my main site, where I have links to my other pages on the net, as well as other helpful links to RPG, Anime and other interesting Sites. Each game will have a page for it,with links to any FAQ's and such that I have written, or found on the net, links to any good message boards I've found for the game, and links to other sites that have neat info on them. I'm always working on new pages, so keep checking back for more new stuff. This site is continuously being updated!

Brand New!!!! My Digimon Adventure Anime Site!
So cool. I've got Character Art, an Episode Image Gallery,
and a page on the new Wonder Swan DigiMon game too.
Click here to check it out!

Dreamfire Central Has Won An Award!


Dreamfire's RPG/Anime Monster and Cute Critters Site, featuring POKEMON!

NEW! My POKéMON Stadium Battle Website! Come Battle Your POKéMON!
(The Battle Site itself is temporarily down. It should be back online in a week.
You can link to all the Battle boards from my Central POKéMON Message Board)

Links to My Pages

DreamFire's RPG Site (Not much there, but I have an intro to me and my game obsessions, and some good Final Fantasy Legend Monster Transformation Data.) Too many problems with Xoom (they lost the pages in the editor so I can't change them) to make it worthwhile adding more there. I'm working on a number of cool sites with different webspace providers right now that will have lots of great game pages and website resource pages. I'll put the links here as soon as pages are ready to visit! :)

My Link Page to all my ANIME and RPG and Action/RPG Message Boards

Final Fantasy Pages! Links to all the great resources I've found on the net for these great RPG series!!

Main Link Page to my Resource Pages for SNES RPG's that are only on the SNES

Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest Pages! Links to all the great resources and info I've found for this great RPG series!!!

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