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Last Updated: July 25, 1998

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Other's Programs

        No Break
          Display Box
        Password Ver 2.53
          Digital Clock
          Mouse Toy

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        3d Polygon
          Earth Quake
          Fire Works
          Plasma Cube
          Fire Ball
          Outlined Font
          Big Flame
          Fire Testing

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      Kamikaze Aliens IV
         Dark Hawk
         eXteme Velocity
         Balloon X
         Boat Chase
         Box Race
         Criminal Moon
            Tsugumo's Game
            Sky Dev
            StarCon X

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Qbasic Compilers
         QBasic Ver 1.1
             Get it here
        QBasic Ver 4.5
             Get it here

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Link Network

     Qbasic Links
       5 Star Games - This site? Well you should drop by and take a look.
       Acid Works - This Web site has a simple, but managable interface.
       Ample Productions - Ample enough to provide you great files and links.
       Arrow's Page - Great QBasic page. Well commendable. Has a new site look added.
       Blue Print Software - This site is Blue printed according to your needs.
       B-Soft's Homepage - Not as soft as you think. Contains hard hitting files and programs.
       Connor's Qbasic Links - The largest Qbasic Link page that i have ever seen. Go there now!
       Excalibur Entertainment - You want quality programming entertainment? Click there.
       Franzen Entertainment - What could i say? Lot's of Entertainment sites poppin' out there.
       HaZZard productions - This site won't be a hazzard to your programming activities.
       If - Then Programmer's Page - If you go here, then maybe you may find something.
       Kaboomy's Homepage - Take a look, maybe you will find something.
       Kaddash Software Group - A group with Excellent programmers. Check out their programs.
       Killan's Qbasic Page - Home of the Qbasic Link review. Reviews Qbasic Pages.
       Laz's big fat Qbasic page - Site that presents qbasic programming as a fun way of working.
       MircoHof Web Quarters -  A Qbasic Webring, tons of links, what else do you want?
       Neozones - One of the best Qbasic pages around. Check out their site now.
       Qbasic Software Pages - One of the few sites that gives you the feeling of being at home. - A Web Site filled with a wide range of Qbasic Files.
       Qbasic Mania - Changed it's design, has added new programs, try to take a quick peek.
       Qbasic on Angelfire - This site might offer some programs that can't be found anywhere.
       Qbasic RPG's - This site is host to a wide selection of Qbasic RPG's.
       Qbasic Station - May be you should check out the station for more information.
       Qbasic World - Check first this Qbasic world site then check the other one.
       Qbasic World - Again?!?!? We're a bit confused. Be sure you've check out the other one.
       Simple Si's Homepage - Simple that it may seem, but this site offer's tons of stuff.
       Sober Clown's Homepage - You will not sober in what you will see in this site.
       SoftShoe's Programmer's World - We'll tell you that their site has the killer looks.
       Sonic Blue Productions - Eager webmaster, Kinda cool graphics, what more huh?
       StarCon X - Homepage of the maker of the qbasic game Starcon X..
       The QBasic website - Has some awesome programs. Cool page, worth taking a look at it.
       Wicked Productions -  Their site's name may be wicked but apparently the site is Great.
       Xplosion Software's Qbasic Page - This site needs more programs. So go visit them. 

       Personal Pages
         #Aliw's Homepage - The best channel (daw) in IRC.
        ApOy FyRe's Homepage - View the site, a little look won't hurt you.
        BelowZer0 site - homesite of the belowzer0 mIRC script.
        Betty's Page - Maker of the home page of #aliw.
        Dando's Homepage - See Dando's Angels. This site is worth looking at.
        Noel Guevara Site - Location of where 3-4 batch 97-98' resides.
        Maxine's Home Page - Page where you can find / meet new friends.

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