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 What's new, to come and still in progress:
Finally, i finshed working on our school's site,
 and hopefully i can get some more files and links
 to upload here at our site. We may not be able to
 create some new Qbasic programs because of our fast
 incoming 1st quarterly examination. But don't worry
  i will still be answering your email to us. We will
 still be able to receive your programs and links.

Check out the site to see what's new:
   Well the parts of the site that has been updated are
 links, no frames mode, frames mode and the text mode.
 please do continue to submit your programs for the
betterment of our other's programs page. T.Y.

  DaMMSoft's Update Information:  
  • DaMMSoft checks its Email Box everyday.
  • DaMMSoft updates twice a month.
  • Last Update : 7/25/1998
  • Next Update: 8/??/1998