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Make Your Own Nerf Guns And Accesories!!!

Do you want a Nerf Blowgun? Or you've always wanted a Nerf turret? Maybe you just wanted a holster. Either way, you've come to the right spot.


EZ Nerf Turret

By Jordan (That's me!)

This is a very easy thing to do and extremely usefull. First of all, you have to have a rolling chair. If you don't, you can't do this. The next thing you will need is a big cardboard box. The easiest way to get one of these is to go to an appliance store, (one that sells refrigorators) and ask for a big box. You will also have to get some duct tape. What you want to do is to make the cardboard a block against bullets. Attach the cardboard to the chair (using duct tape) on the back and on each side of the chair. Then, it is done! Now you can roll into the middle of a battle with any gun and most likely not get hit. You can also stop and twist around in circles to attack from any angle.

More complicated (but better) Nerf Turret

By Gabe Tullis

Do the exact same thing as the easy nerf turret, except this chair must have arm rests. This idea is made so that you can attach a chainblazer to the turret and fire it using one hand. It is very difficult to explain, but here goes nothing! Take a wooden bord, lay it across armrests, attach it with duct tape, then take a platform of wood on top of arm rest and attach it with duct tape, make a hole in platform to clamp around handle of chainblazer and to fire just without even holding on to handle just pull silver handle thing back. Now you have a stationary turret!!!



By Jordan

SO! You want a Nerf blowgun! Well, this is an easy gun to make, but extremly usefull. In fact, it is AWESOME!!! All you need is 1/2 inch PVC pipe (that means it is about the width of a dart). You can have it any length, and you just shove a stinger in there and blow! You need to have a mouthpiece to make it much better. To make a mouthpiece, take a plastic bottle top (The kind that come off 20 ounce coke boottles) and make a hole in it. Now you can shove larami or stinger into pvc pipe, take deep breath, and BLOW!!!!!!!!!!

Nerf pump gun

By Jordan

THIS IS SO EASY!!! Get a Super Soaker 110 and some 1/2 inch PVC pipe. Put the PVC pipe into the thing that shoots the water out. Duct tape it on VERY tightly so no air gets out, and fire away! Now you have the Nerf dart shooting SuperSoaker 110!


By Jordan

This is another simple one. Get something to serve as a handle (a round block of wood), some surgical tubing, and some duct tape. Tape the surgical tubing to the handle and you will have a slingshot that fires fallen off dart tips amazingly well! (to make some ammo holders, use cardboard and make cubes without a top. Then tape it to the sides of the handle that you don't use)

Another Slingshot

By Gabe Tullis

Take a strong stick that has shape of slingshot. Take a rubberband, snap it so it will have 2 ends and tie each end around the 2 branching out parts of the stick. Duct tape around the tied ends to secure it. Take lots of masking tape and wrap it around back of rubber band to make a place to put the dart tip on so you wont have to put dart on a very thin rubber band when you pull back and fire. Thats it!!!

Remote Controlled Nerf Car!

By Jordan

This is an awesome idea that I am so glad I came up with! You need a Backlash (you might have to attach some more string) and a remote controlled car. All you have to do is tape the Backlash onto the car at about a 45 degree angle! During a war, drive the car in the middle of the battle feild and hold on to the string. When positioned, pull the string and you have fired a remote controlled nerf gun!



By Jordan

This is so easy!!!! Take a whole bunch of darts, tips, and foam and wrap it up in a tiny washcloth. Then, chunk it into the enemy base!!! The only problem is that if you are playing a run around war, they came jump out of range when they see you throw it. (The range isn't great) It mainly only works in forts.

Larami Darts!

By Jordan

Click here to MAKE YOUR OWN LARAMI DARTS!-Larami Darts!

More to come! Check back soon!