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School Information

School Information
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Our College       

Our College was founded in 1991 as a primary school, with 51 pupils, in rented premises in Clifton Hill, by the Coptic Orthodox community under the Directorship of Father Tadros Sharobeam. In 1994 our first Year 7 students began and we have added a new year level each year since then. In 1994 we also moved to our present site in Coolaroo which was refurbished in 1996 and a new building completed in 1998.

The College is a community of students, teachers and parents who are committed to upholding the teachings and traditions of the Coptic Orthodox Church. It strives to form a bridge between the Egyptian and Australian cultures and produce citizens who are inspired to commit themselves to serve God and others and make the world a better place in which to live.


Our Vision

As a Coptic Orthodox College we recognise that we exist to foster and develop an awareness of Jesus Christ and His teachings. We seek to do this by providing and maintaining the general spiritual atmosphere where students are nurtured and developed in faith.

We aim to create a positive and happy atmosphere in which our students can learn, developing a high level of personal integrity and a sincere respect of others with their varying cultural, academic and socio- economic differences.

At St. Mary’s we respect and appreciate the value of each person as an individual. We encourage our students to be aware of the demands of living in a multi cultural society. It is our aim to develop self respect, self determination, personal initiative and a sense of community to prepare them to become respected Australian citizens.

Our College will continue to offer a curriculum which provides a comprehensive range of learning experiences through which all are empowered to live life to the full. Students are expected to be able to respond to the needs of others and develop a sense of responsibility towards the inter dependent world in which we live whilst always keeping within the confines of the Coptic Orthodox belief.


Our Crest

Our crest is the symbol which signifies and epitomizes all the College means to us and all that it teaches us. Our patroness, St. Mary, is shown with the figure of the infant Jesus Christ in her arms. We have the symbols of Egypt in the picture of the Lotus flower and of Australia in the stars of the Southern Cross. The Bible is open as our Book of life and at the top of all is the shape of an Orthodox Cross.

Our motto is from the Bible and states from the Book of Proverbs verses 10 -17

He who keeps instruction
Is in the way of life.

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