My Favorite Music

My CD Collection!!!!

okay i know this is terribly out of date, so i'll try and remember the new ones i got and write em up here

mxpx's homepage

Coal Chamber : (selftitled)
Tooth&Nail rock sampler vol. 1
mxpx : slowly going the way of the buffalo
mxpx : teenage politics
mxpx : pokinatcha
mxpx : on the cover (um... i let someone borrow it like 2 months ago and still dont have it back)
mxpx : move to bremerton EP
mxpx : at the show
mxpx : Life in general
mxpx : Let it happen
MxPx : at the show
The Cootees : Lets Play House
Songs from the Penalty Box
Songs from the Penalty Box vol. 2
Adam Sandler : Whats your name?
Smash Mouth : Fush Yu Mang
Semisonic : Feeling strangely fine
south park movie soundtrack
Statements from the green planet
One-21 : In the year king uzziah died
Warlord ep
Huntingtons : The good, the bad, and the ugly
plastiqmusiq - new music volume1
Fuel : Sunburn
Green Day : Insomniac
Green Day : Dookie
Green Day : Nimrod
Sublime : Robbin the Hood
Sublime : 40 oz. to Freedom
Soul Coughing : El Oso
Guster : Goldfly
Audio Adrenaline : Some Kind of Zombie
Metanoia : Don't Walk Dead
Weird Al : Bad Hair Day
Weird Al : Running with scissors
Chumbawumba : Tubthumping
Simpsons : The Yellow Album
Matchbox20 : Yourself or someone like you
Eve6 : (selftitled)
Officer Negative: Zombie Nation
Korn: selftitled
Korn: life is peachy
Rage against the machine : evil empire
The Ramones : Adios Amigos
The Ramones : Acid Eaters
unwritten law: selftitled
creed: selftitled
creed:human clay
queen: greatest hits
I also got 2 tooth and nail penalty box compilations and a sublime music compliation