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Here you can read some peoms that fans have made for Brian!! Please dont steal any saying there yours!! These fans have took pride in there peoms!! There the ones that have wrote them!! Dont Steal!! If you want a peopm submitted then email me with them!! Or you can fill out my online form Here The more peoms the better!!!!


I will forever love you evrey second of evrey day And to be with you all the time,
Evrey night is what I pray There's not one moment I dont think of
you weather you belive it or notI remember all those times I've been without
you All those terrible tears I've fought. But sometimes I failed to hold it back
I definitly could not help it For it's too hard to be awaw from thee Even
if its just for a bit. But if I knew you loved me It would not be as tough
Cuase I'd know we'd be in each others hearts forever, even though
the rough I await for your love and for your tender kiss but I fear that those
two things are the things that I will miss I will give you all my love and always
a tender kiss as well You will never miss those things thats a promise
that I do tell I never break a promise I will never tell a lie Your love is all I ask
you for And my love for you will never die We're destind to be together
Or is that just what I think? But I hope that it's true And I hope that our love
will never shrink. I long for your gentel touch and I wish you longed for mine
I love you so very much You're so very fine Let's be together forever Let's
make this dream come true And please remember this: I will forever love you!

By: Kaytlin Whitaker

Why Is It So?

Why was it so,that his voice picks me up whan i am low.
What gift has he given us,why has he given people a sense of lust?
What are behind the magizine covers,are any of us one of his future lovers?
Why is it so that his eyes have such a glow?
I really, seariously, undoubtfully don't know.