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November 8

*The single Nick and Aaron were going to tape together has been cancelled according to German magazine Popcorn from disagreements between their record companies it's impossible to record a single together! They had also planned a small promo tour to promote the single, but that one has been cancelled as well . There is good news and that is Nick and Aaron will record at least two songs together! They won't be released as singles, but they will be put on Aaron's album, which is scheduled to be released the end of November! The rumours are that Nick wrote one of those songs and that the other song is a cover. But this isn't confirmed. Aaron's next single, the first one of his second album will be released early November!

*The BSB announced that for their world tour next year they will perform in the following areas: Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand (where they haven't been before) and North and South America! Their worldtour will take up the whole year of 1999.

*The guys next album is hoping to be out by late March, early April

*The BSB postponed their German tour. It will NOT start in December it will start on April 6th, 1999.

*BSB will be in Europe on November 27th for a special charity show and they will also be performing December 30th in Tampa and December 31st in Orlando.

*Everyone knows by now that Donna and Johnny Wright are no longer managing the band. BSB are thinking about hiring someone else or just managing themselves. Currently Kevin and Howie are in charge of the business side of the BSB. The group meets every week to discuss business matters and what not. They are thinking of getting new managers or a consultant.

*Brian bought a new puppy back in September! It's a chihuahua, much like the one Brian's with in the new "I'll Never Break Your Heart" video but it's not the same dog. The new puppy that was purchased in L.A's name is Little Tike but they call him Tike for short. Little Tike has been on tour so far and the guys love the dog very much!! Kevin says that he plays a lot but often chews their shoes. Here's a pic below...

To see another picture of Brian and his puppy go here

*Nicks mom wrote a book about him!!!!! It's called The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter Secrets Only a Mother Knows!!! It comes out Thanksgiving!!! To read more about this go to the articals page.

*Backstreet Boys Tickets go on sale October 17th for KDWBs Last Chance Summer Dance make-up concerts. To read more about this go to the articals page.

October 10

*The guys have been nominated for 2 awards at the MTV Europe Awards!!! For best pop group along with Aqua, 5ive, Spice Girls, and Boyzone. Also for best group along with All Saints, Beastie Boys, Garbage, and Spice Girls.

*The guys will release a brand new home video called "A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys" which will be available in stores on November 10th in Canada.

*October 8th is the officall Backstreet Boys Day!!

*Backstreet Boys have fired Jonny and Donna Wirght, who are no longer there managers.

*Nick and Aaron ARE doing a song together!!!!! It's called Loverboy!!! Sounds cute :-) I don't know when it will be out, sorry :-)

*There is a BSB Game out on the market now!! But, unfortaunittly it's only availible in Eroupe! If anyone has this game PLEASE send me more info about it!!

* If you would like to send your condolences to Howie and his family you can mail them here: Denise McLean, P.O. Box 421837, Kissimmee, FL 34742 USA

*BSB won at the Much Music Video Awards!! Only AJ and Howie were there, they said that the rest of em where back in Florida. :( But, the won for "Best International Group". Howie dedicated the award to his sister (awww).

*It's confirmed that there's gunna be no video for "That's The Way I Like It", or "10,000 Promises". The next video wont be made till January or February of next year!

*The guys won for Best Dance Video on the MTV Music Awards!!!!! AJ got blueish/green hair now, looks REALLY good. They talked about Denniz Pop passing away..The cute part was AJ just HAD to say "Hi Grandma"!

* I'm sure you already know the traged truth about Howie D's sister Caroline. She passed away September 12th. Here is what the obituary said in Orlando's newspaper. "Caroline Yvonne Cochran, 37, New Bern, N.C., died Saturday, Sept. 12. Mrs Cochran was a member of Annunciation CAtholic Church. Survivors: husband, Jerry; son; Jerry D.; New Bern; daughter, Elizabeth A., New Ber,; parents; Hoke D. and Paula Dorough, Orlando; brothers, John Dorough, Howard Dorough, both of Orlando; sisters, Angelia M Herring, Palm Bay, Polly A. Dorough, Orlando,. Cotten funeral home, New Bern,.."

September 28th

For the people that were lucky enough to be out of school to see BSB on Regis and Kathy Lee (I was in school!), know the sad news of B-Rok, and AJ having girlfriends :(. All the rumers about that have finnaly came to an end. Too see a picture of Brian and he's girlfriend click here. Or, see a picture of her walking out of there hotel here.

*Denniz Pop, BSB's producer and friend, passed away yesterday. He died of cancer. For more information on this Click Here

*Early Saturday morning (around 4:00 am), Aaron Carter's tour bus got into an accident on Hwy 400 in Toronto. Aaron was NOT on the bus, only his tutor and the driver, but no one got hurt.

*Kevin was a model before BSB but before beginning the sold-out U.S. tour Kevin had his chance to strut his stuff once again. At the fasion maven's Versace Versus fall show in Milan. Accompanying him were Donatella Versace, and supermodel Naomi Campbell. For a picture GO HERE

*Aaron Carter will be in the Gueniess Book of World Records, for the youngest pop star.During his performance as opening act for the BSB in Los Angeles, Nick and AJ came on stage and surprised Aaron with a golden medal for that! Aaron is the youngest singer in the world to have 4 singles in a row to get into the British top 10!! (Crush on you, Crazy little party girl, I'm gonna miss you forever, Surfin' USA). Click here to see some pictures of this!!

*The Mayor of Toronto, Mel Lastman, presented BSB with the "Key to the City". This is a huge honor that even the Spice Girls didn't get when they came a month ago. BSB were also presented with a "double diamond" award for their CD. This means that 2 million copies have been sold alone in Canada. This has never been done by any group or singer. That's 20 times platinum in one country!!!

On Saturday, August 22nd , A.J. was hospitalized after straining a thigh muscle in his leg. Due to the injury, he wasn't able to attend the next BSB concert on August 23rd. "The concert wasn't the same without him," my friend Jenna explained to me, when she had returned home from the concert. We all wish A.J. the best, and hope that he gets well soon. Click here more on the story.

In Canada, Kellogg's has placed the Backstreet Boys on 1,000,000 boxes of Corn Pops! The outside of the cereal box features a photo of the BSB. Inside there's a chance to become one of 2,000 very lucky winners of an autographed photo set of the boys!! Unfortunately for us fans not living in Canada: it's a Candadian-only promotion.... .

*Appearently Brian's surgery was worse then we thought! He was supposed to in surgery for 30 mins when ended up to be close to 3 hours. There was a second hole found as well. For his 1st few performances after getting back with the boys, he had to take constant breaks to use an oxygen tank and vomit.

*After the world tour in June 1999,the guys are gunna take a break (which they REALLY deserve)and they will each start the recording of solo albums, but they will stay together as a group!!! (phew!!!!!!)

* Nick and Aaron will release a single around christmas time, called "Some Guys Have All The Luck"

*The Backstreet Boys may be able to settle a lawsuit with their manager, Louis Pearlman, over the R&B pop group's corporate entity.A Deleware judge said on Monday he will put on hold a legal battle between the Backstreet Boys and their manager.The judge, Vice Chancellor Stephen Lamb of the Deleware Chancery Court said in a letter,"By agreement of the parties, both (related parties) are stayed pending settlement or futher advice from counsel."The case was scheduled to go to trial July 17, but got pushed back to the closing of their tour due to their schedule.The boys don't want any information released to the public concerning why they are filing this lawsuit.

*Remember about Swedish Johanna...Nick's Ex??Well you'll all be happy to know that it was FAKE!The pics were computer-generated Johanna is Herbert Crichlow's (a songwriter for BSB) daughter.So Nick and her a really good friends.A rumor has it that Johanna was paid $1000 to do an interview and pics.And the pic of her and Nick together? Computers can do alot these days!

*Well I got a surprise for some of you, there was a chat on Yahoo with AJ yesterday, one of the questions where someone asked him if they were still virgins, he said no... he said Kevin, Howie, Brian and himself definatly, and most likely Nick isn't either. I think I'll put the transcripts up.

Brian says that he's not engaged right!??!We heard it from his own mouth!! But, read what hit list has to say here

For those of you who have watched "The View" today with the Backstreet Boys, you shall all know that we got the misunderstanding about Brian being engaged all cleared up!! He's not engaged or even have a girlfriend!! He said so himself!!

* I JUST bought this magazine today and I got a quote for you!!!! Nick said "We might take some time off to do some solo stuff". I know they have been saying that for a while but I think it might happen soon ya know?

This was from the August issue of "Teen People" Backstreet Boys cover story

* Howie has just created a corporation called Sweet D. Inc. It is a realtor company building condominiums along the east shore of Florida. Howie has asked the members of his family to be the owners. Also, AJ is really considering getting an eyebrow ring. He loves pushing the limits on his outrageousness even though his managment isn't too thrilled about it because "the fans love it".

* While AJ has the time off, he's been writting new songs with the groups guitar player Billy. They have written over 30 songs! Both him and Kevin are seperately working on the design of the stage for their next world tour!

* You can buy the single Let The Music Heal Your Soul through CDNOW or Music Boulevard

* New news about the house AJ in buying for a half million dollars.It's set on two acres,five bedrooms,a gutair shaped pool,a volleyball court,and a bowling alley.Also he said that he wants to by the surrounding houses to make it more private.

* There is a new BSB video out called "Backstreet Stories" that you can ONLY get at "Music World". It has footage of when they FIRST got together and Nick is like 12!It is an unauthorized video though!

* Seen Howie's new look??This was of his tour in South America to promote the BSB's new album! It was his disguise! He had a full beard but his sis didn't like it so he went to the "A.J. look"! What do ya think?

* There is a new BSB video out in Germany and Holland for their charity single called "Let The Music Heal Your Soul". They sing it with Aaron and N'Sync!

* The New Teen People Magazine is out and guess who is on the front? Well if you really want to know, it's the BSB! Inside there are really good pictures and a very well written article. Go check it out!

* Backstreet Boys and Backstreet's Back have both been certifed DIAMOND in Canada. That's the biggest certification you can have. In Canada, it means 1, * Another BSB video has just been released. The catch is that it is only available at Music World. It looks pretty neat though, it has home video footage and concert footage that hasn't been seen. Check it out!

* Well if you were lucky enough to catch the repeat of the SNL when the BSB were on you would have noticed that they aired both songs that they performed instead of just As Long As You Love Me. About three quarters through the way they performed Quit Playing Games With My Heart. And who says repeats always suck???

* On June 2 the BSB release theird fourth videocassette. This one will include four videos (Everybody (Backstreet's Back), As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games and another. Also there will be a part of a show in Germany, as well as parts of Much Music's 'Intimate & Interactive'. There will also be a "preview" of something coming up and some behind-the-scenes footage. Also this videocassette will come with a mini-CD (It is said to have 8 tracks), including unreleased songs, and some 'live' stuff.

* The World Music Awards were televised on ABC on May 28 and the boys won an award for best dance group. When the boys got up to accept to their award they did an accapela version of All I Have To Give. It was great even though AJ had to sing Brian's part becuase he could not be there because of his surgery.

* If you are a Canadian BSB fan then you will be glad to know that on the MuchMusic site they are doing a special spotlight on the Boys. Also if you didn't get to see the BSB at the World Music Awards it will be televised on May 28, 1998 on ABC, Brian wou't be there because of his surgery but it's still worth watching!

* The Backstreet Boys "Drop In" For A Terrifying Tower Takeover on KIDS' WB, Saturday May 23,1998. I'm not exactly sure what it is but it tells you the whole story at the BSB Official site, check it out it looks kinda cool

* Brian went into the hospital on May 4th for his elective heart surgery. Hope he is o.k. They have asked that instead of sending him things that may shoud send a small donation to a fund set up in Brian's name. All the details are at the Official BSB website.

* All you Canadians can watch the Hit List and MuchMusic and look for the new Aaron Carter video. The shot of him sitting by a window is supposidly the Carters' house. Look for it!

~~Here is a quote of Aaron's from the British mag, Smash Hits.... It's cute! "I haven't got any bad habits that I know of, but Nick has - he picks his nose! (Jane Carter covers her face in shame.) Hahaha! Now I've got him back for sticking me out on the hotel balcony in just my underwear last night!"