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Real name: Brian Thomas Littrell

Nicknames: B-Rok, Mr. Joker, Seaver, Frick and Bongo Boy.

Birthdate: Febuary 20th 1975 (he is now 23 years old)

Time of birth: 1:37

Place of Birth: St.Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dirty Blond. Sometimes he bleaches them, but now it seems to be back to its original color.

Height: 1.72 m

Weight: 145 pounds

Family: He has one brother named Harold (he's 26), his mom's name is Jackie and his dad's name is Harold. He's Kevin's (Backstreet Boys) cousin.

Parents Jobs: His father works at IBM and his mother use to work at a local church and she was also secretary at a local Dental Office.

University: He was offered a full scholership at a University in Southern Ohio

Musical instrument: He plays trumpet, guitare and bongos.

How he joined the group?: Kev called Brian at school during the last period of the day, he was in history. Denise (AJ's mom) had to talk with Jackie (Brian's mom) about letting him go. When he arrived in Orlando Kevin picked him up in a limo.

Place of residence: Orlando Florida

Household responsibilities: Had to load the dishwasher and take out the garbage.

Pets: He has a cat named Missy and a Collie dog

Bigest fear: Fear of heights.

Sports: His first love was soccer, but he was also the pitcher in a small Baseball league with kevin as the backcatcher. He also likes Basketball, golf, swiming, and many other sports

Hobbies: Movies, watching TV and playing Nintendo

Car: A blue Honda Civic

His biggest like: Life

His biggest dislike: Racism

Favroite Foods: cheese, Pizza, Pasta.

Favorite drink: Ginger ale, iced tea, Coca Cola.

Favorite musics: Boyz 2 men, Shai, Jodeci.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite perfume: Safaria of Ralph Lauren.

Favorite signer: Brian McKnight

Favorite actor: Jim Carrey and tom Hanks

Favorite movies: Ace Ventura

Most used phrase: ''I guess'

First record he ever bought: Babyface CD

First poster he put on his wall: Micheal Jordan

Describe hiself in five words: Funny, atheletic, active, outgoing, and talented

Qualities: He has too many of them, we can not list them

Defaults : Just check out his room and you will see.

Where you can reach him: Brian Littrell, Post Office Box 618203, Orlando, Fl 32861-8203.