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1. He has a little scar on the bottom of his belly but only people he knows really good get to see it.

2. According to the boys, Brian Littrell is the funniest guy in the quintet. Even though they spend every hour of the day working hard together, with Brian around, there is never a dull moment. Nick says that he has such a wacky sense of humour that it's hard not to laugh with him." Brian is basically a nut." Nick says. "He's very, very, very, very funny off the wall-loco!"

3. Junior Jock... Blond haired, blue eyed Brian "B-Rok" Littrell was always a huge sports fan. It's no wonder he posed for his school pic with team jersey on!

4. When the group is in a tour Brian & Nick go further down the bus, because they think there are the most comfortable bunks.

5. Nick and Brian are best of friends

6.His musical influences are Luther Vandross, Take 6, Brian McKnight and a personal favourite is Babyface .

7. For Brian, a perfect first date would be something very simple like a picnic in the park followed by a walk on the lake. For him a first date would be getting to know the girl and for her to get to know him for who he is rather than what he is or what he does.

8. His most romantic experience to date took place in a sauna.

9. He would never dress up as a reindeer or one of Santa's elves.

10. He doesn't think posing nude is a good idea.

11. Before he gets on a plane, he kisses his fist and then taps the side of the plane. It's a good luck thing - if he didn't do it then the plane might crash.It's helped him til now so hopefully he'll be alright.

12. When he was little, he was scared of the dark and what was in the back corner of his closet.

13. He has nightmares about falling off building because he is scared of heights.

14. He considers himself to be a gentleman and he thinks the key to being a gentleman is to be entertaining and easy to talk to, to have a good head on your shoulders and a sorted outlook on life.

15. He likes to dress up and wear suits when he has the oppourtunity.

16. He is better at cooking breakfast - omelettes, toast - than he is at cooking dinner.

17. At high school, he put red roses in his girlfriends locker on her birthday.

18. He thinks Pamela Anderson is beautiful and Sandra Bullock is very ladylike.

19. He thinks that he is an easy person to have a relationship with.

20. He thinks that the ultimate romantic gesture would be: "A flawless evening over a candlelit dinner, devoting all your time and attention to your date."

21. He doesn't believe in being able to foresee your future.

22. He skipped school once to go swimming in a friends pool and he got caught.

23. For his tenth or eleventh birthday party, his parents hired out a roller rink and invited 30 of his friends and they skated all afternoon.

24. He did a CPR (first aid and resuscitation) class once.

25. He sometimes talks in his sleep (according to Nick).

26. He would do a solo album for ten million pounds but he wouldn't leave them for good.

27. He's never cheated on a girl.

28. He thinks that all the Backstreet Boys are equally talented.

29. He often dreams about being up on stage and forgetting the words to a song - he has a big fear about really doing that.

30. Brian is a natural at playing the guitar.

31. He doesn't feel famous. He says, "I'm still Brian Littrell from Florida who used to get told off at school for singing in class. Sometimes when we're on stage I think, 'Wow, look at me!', but that's it."

32. When he gets homesick on tour, he has been known to shed a tear or two when things get on top of him.

33. After a show, Brian will either chill out alone in his room or go out with a load of people, depending how tired he is and what sort of mood he's in.

34. He likes to make people laugh and sometimes he'll just throw himself on the floor and roll around in fits of laughter. "I like to make people laugh by pulling funny faces or tripping and falling over. Sometimes I hurt myself but who cares!"

35. Brian cries during sad movies

36. His niece is scared of him because she saw him in the Backstreet's Back video as the wearwolf.

37. He has two diamond studded earrings

38. B-Rok's mom calls him her baby duck.

39. Aarron says that if nick wasn't his brother, he would have Brian, if he hada choice.

40. He has the messiest room of all the boys

41. He and Nick usualy share a room when they are on the road

42. The boys think he is most likly to get married first

43. He wants to be a P.E. teacher if his singing carrier doesn't work out.

44. He likes to play golf

45. The worst date he ever went on was when he was about to kiss the girl he was with and fell out the chair

46. He thinks that romantic relationships should take as long as possible,No one has ever really broken his heart he's been hurt but not completely broken

47. Brian's dating tips are Always be yourself and don't put on a front

48. Brian would stay home if he thought he could sleep all day

49. Brian hopes he never has to be bedridden in a hospital like he did when he was a child

50. Brian's all-time biggest ever food binge was on his 18th birthday

51. If Brian could be on desert island with three things they'd be food, music and a special girl

52. The dumbest thing he ever did was let a spider bite get infected he had to get stitches

53. If he could do anything once he would like to drive a indy car

54. His fave icecream flavor is vanilla

55. He can't leave home without his cross and the things he needs to survive

56. He hates shopping for pants with his mom

57. When they are on tour him and nick always steal all the chips and chocolate bars.

58. He brokes up with his last girlfriend five years ago to be a BSB.

59. He likes it when girl's kiss his neck,and he also likes it when girl's wear his clothes

60. His turn on's are "glowing eyes", Independence and long nails.

61. He wants a girl who can treat him normally and who doesn't live her life around him

62. He is an old-fashioned guy.

63. He loves popcorn, steak, fries and salad but his fave is still macaroni and cheese.

64. Brian Littrell was born on the exact same day as the famous comedien Marielle Muise, who has been seen on shows like Seinfeld , and has performed at many night clubs.

65. Brian Littrell has never drunk beer in his life because he feels that it's not healthy and there is no point in it.

66 Brian Littrell had a scary experience in Nova Scotia when a girl by the name of Deanna   Slaney farted backstage before the concert on the 27th of December. When she was talking to him again after the show he couldn't stop laughing but he felt bad for the girl and gave her an autographed photo of him and the boys.

67. B-rok is best friends with Nick Carter (another member of the Backstreet Boy)

68. Brian is a bad looser when he and Nick play nintendo if he looses he holds a grudge.

69. Brian recently bought for his mom a grand piano, and for his brother a new car

70. Brian about food: When I was in Sweden, I eat "the legs of a frog" they looked a little scary, but it tasted the same as "the legs of a chicken"!

71. Brian about school: When I was at school, I won many contest. I won: talent shows and the VS "champion of singing with a group" (couier or something like that???)

72.- Brian hates the smell of zuurkool (that's the duch word, I don'y know the word in English. It's white, not big, and much people don't like it. Do you know what I mean?

73. Brian hopes that one day he will have a wife and a lot of childreen, but he will always be making music with the BSB!

74. If Brian wasn't with the BSB, he thinks he was startet at college in Ohio. To teach music at schools! (sweet isn't it?)

75. He can be shy, when he first meets people.

76 His favourite colour is BLUE

77. He's most likely to go to Church on a Sunday.

78. His favorite t.v. show is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

79. The songs he's proud of are: "QUIT PLAYING GAMES( WITH MY HEART)" and "I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART"

80. He used to sing in Church and also for weddings. He comes from a very religious family.

81. He performed at a Baptist Church, with 4000 members, his first Solo at the age of 6 or 7 years.

82. He collects tennis shoes.

83. His first car was a yellow and orange Nissan Pickup truck, called "The Bleeding Banana" by his friends

84. When he was 17 years old, he did a duet with a friend called Dawn Crumbaker in front of the whole school. At the same moment Brian began to sing, all the girls began to scream. That was the first time anything like that happend to him.(but not the last)

85. He has a waterbed (he bought it for $50)

86. His favourite song that BSB have done is "Don't Leave Me"

87. He lifts weights

88. He sings saprano and baratone

89. Brian wants a girl with beautiful eyes. He said because nice eyes are always nice to look at.

90. He likes reading

91. He likes to wear white jeans,t-shirts and tennis shoes.

92. When he was three years old, Brian went on to overcome some very serious health problems.

93. His bad habit is bitting his nails.

94. He said that people would be surprised to know that he's normal

95. Here is a personal message to the fans from Brian "If it wasn't for the fans, I wouldn't be me"

96. The two film's that he would cuddle up to are "Sleepless in Seattle" and "While you were sleeping." He says "I'm a real softy you know!"

97. Brian says that the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for him was that a fan bought him a white tie and wrote the music notes and lyrics for "I'll never brake your heart" in spiral all the way up.

98. His idea of a quiet night is to have dinner with a lady of his choice then cuddle up in front of a romantic movie.

99. Brian always beats Nick at Mario Kart but Nick beats him at Tennis (nintendo).

100. Brian's necklace cost him 2000 dollars!!

101. When Brian was 16 he invited his girlfriend for dinner. They went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients for spaghetti. At home, Brian and his girlfriend cooked the spaghetti together, had a nice dinner and a lot of fun. He says that it was a successful evening (oh how sweet!).