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Yahoomc: The Backstreet Boys are gonna be doing FIVE chats total with Yahoo! this summer - from their tour. So it's gonna be a great summer. We're gonna be starting today's Yahoo! cyberchat with THE BACKSTREET BOYS in about 15 minutes !! Great questions - please keep 'em coming! And thanks for joining us here on Yahoo! Chat today.

Yahoomc: Okay - SHOWTIME!!!!!! We're starting!! Hi everyone - welcome to Yahoo!Chat. We're talking to Howie D of The Backstreet Boys!!! The Backstreet Boys launched their first major US tour a week ago and Yahoo!Chat is gonna be catching up with them all summer long live from their tour with FIVE cyberchats! Thanks Howie for joining us here today. Howie D: Hi! Welcome everybody Look forward to having a good chat with everybody and answering as many questions as we can in the time.. and hopefully have a lot of fun

Yahoomc: Howie - have you ever done a cyberchat before??

Howie D: Yeah,actually I did. A couple of them actually. Over in Europe we did a couple, for MTV we did a couple cyberchats. Lots of fun!

Tracylynn_99 asks: how is your summer tour going?

Howie D: Its going great, we've done about 8 cities already, about 8 shows, actually our 8th show is today. We've had a lot of fun. We had a rough start, but everything's starting to smooth out. We're having a great tour here

Sarah_BSBFan asks: Who is opening on your North American tour?

Howie D: We have Aaron Carter, a group from Denmark called Soap and the English artist Jimmy Ray.

Gummibears4ever asks: Howie, when will you shave???

Howie D: When will I shave? What my face? My mustache? My hair? What exactly!?! My chest!?

EDAngel_ asks: How do you put up w/ all those annoying little girls screaming during a concert?

Howie D: Aw, it's not annoying what guy wouldn't want to have a group of screaming girls around him. It's cool. Its an adrenalin rush.

Bella711 asks: when you aren't busy with your music...what do you all like to do in your spare time?

Howie D: I like to go out to clubs, hang with the guys, go to movies, enjoy life, do the normal everyday stuff that I would do back home. Hang with my family.

Gmf_19 asks: Do you think there is such a thing as backstreet power?

Howie D: We're not trying to have power, we're just trying to.. there's not girl power or boy power here, we're just trying to have fun and live life positively.

Nick_Carters_Girlie asks: What is it like to be on tour without seeing your family and all your friends???

Howie D: it gets lonely at times, that's why we like to bring out our families every once in a while.. In America I have family all over the place, so I'm not too lonely. I think everywhere, except for today, I've had family .. so it's lots of fun.

WHACKOFREAK asks: Where did you get the idea for the video "Everybody"?

Howie D: We just came together and said that not everybody's done another video like Thriller from the 80s and we just wanted to do a 90s version. We had a great director who helped us develop our vision even further.

BackstreetBabe0032 asks: Who were your influences in music?

Howie D: Besides my older sister PollyAnna, I'd say certain artists such as Bobby Brown, Jon Secada, Phillip Bailey, groups like Boys2Men, New Edition, ColorMeBadd.

Sarah_BSBFan asks: Is there any individual in the music industry, that you would love to work with?

Howie D: Hmmm... Jon Secada :D I like the Spanish/English thing and also BoysIIMen would be cool.. Babyface...

BSBRule_84 asks: Do you ever let fans backstage after a concert?

Howie D: Every once in a while when the situation is available or it's okay security wise.. It's as crowded as it is so we usually have to get out pretty quickly, so we don't have people back there normally.

Cuddlyangel asks: Has livin' the life of a "backstreet boy" some what changed the relationship between your family and friends back home? - Michelle Corpuz

Howie D: its definitely increased my popularity and my famiy's popularity. I have a lot more people who know me know than before and my family. It's changed the amount of time I could spend with family and friends. My lifestyles changed a lot, but they're always there for me.

Chick_cool asks: if you weren't a backstreet boy right now what would you be doing?

Howie D: I'd probably be definitely doing something in the entertainment field.. whether in acting or singing.. acting for movies or tv shows.. or becoming a solo artist or something.

Kaos2880 asks: What's the craziest thing one of your fans has done??

Howie D: There were a couple who stowed away on our bus one time.. . we were over in Europe at the time... we didn't know it for a while then had to pull over to a rest stop and drop them off.. We had a few come over from Europe and bring me Gummi Bear cakes... b/c I said I liked them in a magazine one time.. That was pretty crazy.

Lisa_NC23 asks: What's coming up on your next album?

Howie D: A lot more material co-written by us and co-produced by us.

Nickluver2 asks: What are your guys' fave songs that u perform?

Howie D: My favorite songs are "All I have to give", "BackStreet's Back" and "Get Down"

Homeboy_D asks: Do you ever get jealous of each other?

Howie D: No, never! No, we're really cool with each other, we're like a family.

Yahoomc: Howie's computer connection is a wee bit shaky - we're having tech problems - but he'll be booted back up in a second In the meantime, just to let you know - this is the first of FIVE Backstreet Boys cyerchats that Yahoo! is doing this summer! Howie's curious - he'd like to know where you all are from! So just add that to your questions for him, 'kay?? Cool!

Sky_lo asks: Do you have a tatoo??? (Howie)

Howie D: Nope, not yet. I don't really believe in them too too much, but I'm open minded in them for the future, if I saw a cool design...

KayKay8410 asks: Is it true that you are interested in doing a movie?

Howie D: Well, there's been talk about it, but we haven't really decided on doing one yet, because our music career's really taking off now, and we're really concentrating on that... But maybe in the future

Wannabe3_hh asks: when you guys disagree on things, who's the peacemaker?

Howie D: I am the Peace Maker! I am the one. I am the chosen one. They say, I don't try to be the peace maker, I just try to keep harmony in the group, make peace and love.

Mandie_and_Janna asks: What's the funniest thing that's happened on this tour so far?

Yahoomc: That's a tough question I guess... - maybe this cyberchat because Howie keeps losing his computer connection! Don't worry - he'll be back. He's been talking to us in the Yahoo! backstage area and he says these are the coolest questions he's ever gotten in a cyberchat! You go, everyone! And he'll be back - in just a second...And let us know - by submitting it in a question form - WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE BACKSTREET BOY!! Let's take a vote. The definitive Yahoo!Chat vote! Let us know !! Howie will be back in a moment...

Yahoomc: Are you voting for your fave Backstreet Boy??? Howie's logging back on - and he says he'd like to know HOW OLD his fans are.. so let us know your ages too, 'kay? and where you live! Cool!! Here's some comments from our audience so far...

Salt_n_lime: I work in a group home for adults with mental challenges, we play your music all the time so everyone can dance, just wanted to let you know you're bringing some joy into there lives *smile*

Sahar_: I just wanted to tell you guys that your concert here in Miami was awesome and I can't wait till you guys come down here again.

BlueEyesBay: Hey, I got to meet you guys in January, and I just wanted to thank you for being so sweet and down to earth, you've made an impression on me that I will never forget, and your music is everything to me. (Stacy, 19, Cali)

bsbgrrlguest_5a032302: i listen to your music all day when i am in my room missing my friends and when i was driving here it keeps me happy

WyVony: I just wanna congratulate you on all your success w/ the group. You deserve it all since you guys work so hard. I have just one suggestion, have more shows in Canada since you guys are sold out all over the country! Luv always, Yvonne/18/BC, Canada!

Destinee009: All I really wanted to say is that I really like the harmony of the music that you make with your voices and I want you to continue to sing together.

Jake_and_the_fat_man: I love the BackStreet Boys there music has a different way to it that makes me love it even more than i already do!

SweetSolar: you guys each have incredible voices and when you put them all together, you can't help but notice how good you guys are. I congradulate all of you for going all the way to the top and becoming role models for some people!!!

BrianLittrelsGirlfriend: i would just like to say that about a month ago i was totally depressed,and when i listened to your music i was real happy and singing along with the music .

Anneliese97: WE'VE GOT IT GOING ON howie as long as you QUIT PLAYING GAMES (WITH MY HEART) but I know you want do that AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME because EVERYBODY I know likes the backstreet boys!~ All I HAVE TO GIVE we would give to you!~ we'd go ANYWHERE FOR YOU....

SweetHoneyz: You're music has been the inspiration to my life. You're soulful lyrics tickle my heart. I am head-over-heels with enjoyment in your music!!!!! Luv-Ya!

KRYSTALCARTER: I just want to say... that I think you guys are brilliant !! You are such good role models for guys and girls!! I love you.....I started my own band because of you I love you... I am going to your concert on July 15th (august) and just want to say.. ...

Yahoomc: We're still waiting for Howie - but meanwhile let me give you some info about our next Backstreet Boy chat - On Tuesday, July 28 at 6:15 ET/3:15 PT, we'll be talking to some more Backstreet Boys - Circle your calendar -

Yahoomc: Howie's back!

Chat_A_Box asks: Who is the funniest one in your group

Howie D: We all have our moments, but Brian is the biggest comedian in the group. Along side of Nick.

Cht7 asks: How do you stay grounded?

Howie D: I wear heavy shoes. Our families keep each other in check and we do too.

Questar36 asks: Is it true you are considering doing a duet with Celine Dion. I'm one of your most devoted fans from Canada!

Howie D: No, but we would love to, but the offer hasn't been extended yet

Vanessa_Brianna asks: Howie, can you tell us some of your most embarrasing moments on stage?

Howie D: Probably one time when I feel off the stage while trying to hype AJ with his rap during Get Down.

Magdalena84 asks: What's the most frightening thing that has happened to you on tour?

Howie D: Last night after I bowed after We've Got it Going On a pyro blew off right in front of me on stage.

Sahar_ asks: If could have any superpower, what would you chose?

Howie D: To see the future. And read people's minds

Sahar_ asks: If you could be invisible for a day, where would be the first place you would go?

Howie D: I'd probably go to the White House and stand next to the President the whole day.

Kaos2880 asks: What's you wildest fantasy??

Howie D: Going to a tropical island with my family or a date and spend a relaxing weekend there. All on the beach.

Breezy780 asks: Who is the most flirtatious of the group? Howie D: AJ without a doubt!

Johnny_Rotten17_1998 asks: Where do you picture yourself in ten years?

Howie D: Hopefully going very strong with BSB and us still at the top of the charts If not, involved in the entertainment field in some way or another

Hngkngfooy asks: do you see your music going in a different direction in the future? Perhaps less pop?

Howie D: I think our music is definitely going to grow with our fans...As music changes, our styles might change a little bit but not too drastic, Hopefully we'll get a little R&B but we won't stray away from our pop roots

Ilb123 asks: Hey Howie! This is Terri and Meg from Johnstown, PA and we were just wondering if it ever gets boring being on tour or anything! Bye!

Howie D: Sure sometimes when you're in your room and you're all alone and there's not much going on, but I try to make things happen

Timdaa asks: who is the shyest member of the bsb?

Howie D: We all have our moments, but the guys would probably say me. That's just when I'm uncomfortable and I dont know people that well.

Mikejwind asks: do you ever get stage fright?

Howie D: Every once in while when we're doing a big show, or when I know there's somebody in the audience that I know like a family member.

Gmf_19 asks: Which video did you enjoy making the most?

Howie D: Probably Everybody's Back Streets Back

BSB_CRAZY_LUVER asks: how do you fell about being young sex symbols????

Howie D: We don't really consider ourselves sex symbols, but we just go out there and try to put on an entertaining show...and if people think of us like that, as long as they respect our music first, we're cool with that. It doesn't really bother us.

Ericadawn15 asks: What is the best thing a girl could do to win your heart?

Howie D: I guess just be real with me, show me that she cares for me as a person and not just as a BSB and also be very supportive of my career and my lifestyle.

Reese_K asks: What is the best thing about being a Backstreet Boy? Howie D: Getting a chance to travel around the world, see different countries and meet people every day, and make people happy with our music

NikeGrl154 asks: I am really proud of all the accomplishments you all have made, can you believe you have made it this far?

Howie D: I sometimes have to take a step back and look at all our accomplishments and

Howie D: sometimes I don't really realize it until I tell other people them, how successful we really are. And I thank God everyday for the opportunity

Melissa_sweets_ asks: what's the best advice you could give for people trying to make it in the music world?

Howie D: Be persistent and be sincere about your craft. Don't give up and shoot always for the stars and don't settle for nothing less.

Yahoomc: Howie D of the Backstreet Boys- thanks so much for joining us here today.

Howie D: Thanks for all of your support. I look forward to possibly seeing you onthe tour in a town near you and in the meantime keep the Back Street Pride alive in 1998 and beyond.

Yahoomc: You've been the GREATEST audience in the world everyone!! Thanks for sticking it out through all the tech difficulties - Awesome questions! You guys rocked the house! And guess what - this is the first of FIVE cyberchats Yahoo! is doing with the Backstreet Boys this summer - the next Backstreet cyberchat is on July 28 at 6:15 PM ET!! Circle your calendars now - you guys are awesome - and so are The Backstreet Boys!!! And so is Yahoo! The transcript will be up by tomorrow - Thanks again you guys! Good night!