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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - As Backstreet Boys prepare to attack the Western US with more sold out shows and major television appearances (Tonight Show August 10, MTV Awards September 10), overseas the rumors of their demise as a group have caused panic amongst their passionately dedicated fanbase.

These false rumors spread from German television and magazines through to UK tabloids have become front page news in Holland and across the continent. Tens of thousands of calls have flooded into TV and radio stations asking if the story is true. It's the second time this sort of hysteria has followed on false rumors causing the boys real concern over the welfare of their emotional young fans.

The following is a group statement on the subject: "We want our fans to know first of all that we are absolutely not splitting up, these rumors are 100% false. Our plans are to finish up this North American tour and then head straight into the studio to finish up our new album. We've all been writing and looking forward to getting started on the new material. Our German tour in December is already on sale and many of our new songs will be showcased there for the very first time. We couldn't be happier with our success and the dedication of our fans who have stayed with us since the beginning."

"Secondly, it's as upsetting to us as it is to our fans to know that rumors such as these begin without any basis in fact or reliable sources. We encourage our fans to check into our website for the latest Backstreet Boys information ( and not to believe the tabloid papers who seem to be in the business of merely creating controversy.

"We believe this to be extremely irresponsible journalism which creates unnecessary panic among very impressionable young people."

As a special thank you, and Christmas gift to their international fans, "A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys" will be released October 12. This limited edition home video, with a bonus EP features an intimate live performance filmed during a break in their European tour earlier this year. It's only available overseas and only in limited quantities in appreciation to the fans who helped make them the superstars they are today.

The Backstreet Boys' first US album celebrates it's one year anniversary next week and is still Top 10 after 52 weeks with sales over six million. Combined with their amazing success internationally, sales are now twenty-two million and growing.

For further information contact: JoAnn Kaeding, Jive Records (212) 824-1732 or Michael Galbe, Jive Records (212) 824-1288