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"If I had a girl I'd love to see her in my clothes. It's real romantic."
"I'm very soft, you know!"
"The only person I'd be really sorry to lose to is that Marilyn Manson dude." -Talking about the MTV Awards in Europe
"He's going to be staying with me tonight."
"That's wonderful."
"Me and him are the best ones."
"I love these guys . . . oh gosh !!"
"I told you I'm gonna have a good show!"
"Hi, I'm B-Rok of the Backstreet boys, Jim Carrey wannabe!"
"It's the Bone-cam."
"That's me!!"
"You got a mike, go right ahead."
"We're not perfect."
"Facts are facts, you guys said 5 minutes and it's been 5 minutes and 35 seconds."
(talkin' 'bout Nick)"Once, we threw him out of the dressing room in his underwear in front of a whole bunch of girls. he got real mad, but it was really funny!"
"Don't forget about the Backstreet Boys!"
"We'd done the show 50 million times. I know it like the back of my hand but right before the curtain dropped I was thinking, this is New York City!"
"I'll be rockin' your house!"
"I like being the werewolf."
"AJ is to blame for this."
"I am a Barbie Girl."
"I am married to these guys."
"Jam on the Gap has got it!"
If you get a coke out of the mini bar, it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg."
"Might I show you the Backstreet Boys drawers?" (and he did!)
"I guess. . ."
"Oh, merchandising."- when asked where he got the BSB drawers
"I feel like a corncob right now."
"Harrump! (Pauses for a moment with a cheeky grin on his face) Let's say my neck coz' it's very sensitive. Am i sure? Um...Yeah"-when asked where he'd most like to be kissed