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Brian also has his dream girl. Physically he dreams about a girl with long blond hair, blue eyes, nice looking, nice legs, and mostly long nails, because hands are very important for him. He loves to see beautiful girls in the subway or whatever. But this is not the only important thing for him. Looks don't mean that much to him.

The most important thing for him is her personality. And that matters more to him. He wants a girl who's intelligent, and shares a lot of things in common with him, this girl has to have the same point of view that he has, like wedding, moral, faith, values, religion and that kind of stuff.

She has to have a great sense of humor too, because it's important to him. He takes girls seriously. Many people say that he's old fashioned because he never bring girls at his home and he is not in favor of having sex before wedding. He received a religious education and he wouldn't change his belief.

After his dream of a long successful career, he wants to find the girl of his dreams and marry her someday in his church and raise a family.

Well what a perfect boy. The right one for all of us.