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Hello there, friend. I'm Akshat Singhal. This used to be a page I made when I was a kid, and I wanted to keep it as it is. my main homepage is now
Thanks a ton for visiting my site! :)

Hi there!!

Welcome to my page.

The purpose of this Website is to get you an email- pen pal, or should I say , keyboard pal.
I usually update my website once a week , or maybe the same day as I recieve your E-mail/ form page .To get listed, you have to fill the Listing Request form.
I list the email adddresses of people willing to make friends.
The most salient feature of my site is that , it is snail mail friendly.So, if you dont have an email account ,  or want to make the real kind of Pen Pals, you can get your snail mail address listed here.
(snail mail, means the real postal system, which is the one which we had and still have before email.) If you wanna to get the snail mail address listed , send your full international address.You may send info About yourself , like age , gender, interests.Please feel free to send in any suggestions to me alongwith your email address and resume. Before you try to open the email page, you have to click on the banner down below.This banner is one source of my income and you would not be listed if you dont click on the Banner.THANX A LOT  FOR VISITING MY PAGE.PLEASE SUPPORT MY SPONSOR.


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