This is a picture from diana, my little sister.Shes got cancer - believe it or not - but she just got her computer and wanted to have a homepage on her own. But after 1 week there were only 10 hits and she became very sad - caus she thought noone cares about her. SO PLEAAAAAAASE forward this URL to everybody you know - PLEASE. I cant cope with this situation anyway - but please help me to give her a smile when viewing her page - then i have to remove this text.

This is diana
ill have her photo scanned soon ...

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Here is a short story Diana wrote:

One a pon a time there was a butterfly called henry. Henry had lovely wings and liked to fly around the pond and drink water and play in the sun. Evry day he said to the sun "thankyou for shining on me". Henry had many freinds and a nic e family . They had pikniks evry sundy morning. They liked to eat littel pieces of fruit and grass. One day Henry was playing frissbee in the sun with Lola and he fell over. he couldnt get up. Lola was very sad and tries to puill him up! but no he couldd not move animore. After an hour Henry was hungry and had to do stuff so he got up. But he was not the sae ol henry anymore. he had to stay inside away from the sun. his life was changed. He could not enjoy much anymore because he had to take more care of himself and see that he did not fall over again forever. henry had to cry evry day for a long time. He was a sad butterfly. One day Lola and bambi came to his trailor nd brought him some magic cookies and milk. He felt better for a while. Magic cookies r eally helped when he felt bad. Henry was afraid. He was so very afraid that sometimes he could nit sleep. he yelled at his mommy and ate grass. One day henry was so sick that he fell into a pit and could neva come out again. But maybe henry turned into an angel butterfly.
By Diana Raymond, 1998

At this point we would like to thank everybody who has so far visited Diana´s Page, and especially all the people who have left Diana such cheering messages in her guestbook!
Unfortunately Diana´s health situation seems to be getting worse and worse in the last few days, she feels tired and sick from the therapy alot of the time. Its a very depressing situation for all all of us who know her ,,and especially Diana, who has to deal with the physicall pain and the limits of not being like other children anymore, we Pry for her all the time. But do have a small newsflash on the happier side.... Dianna is really enjoying her new computer,,,we hav e put several of her new computer pictures on the web page for everyone to see, we are proud of her creative talent, it keeps getting better and better...Diana has also been writing some stories....so keep looking out for them on this site.

If you would like to send an email to Diana or to me this is our email adress: hope_d09@hotmail.com(hope_d09@hotmail.com)

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