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Accuturn Manufacturing The Clamp Thing
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For Minelab:

Accuturn Manufacturing The Clamp Thing for the Minelab SD/GP/GPX.

"They should be included with every detector." - Chris Porter

Until now, If you wanted to control the false signals that occur when you bump the coil cable where it's attached to the control box, you had to make your own.

This unit is fast to attach and changing coils is a breeze.

Holds both the coil cable and the quick track cable. Made from a medical grade ABS, and a phillips screwdrivers are all you need to install it (includes all screws needed to attach to a standard Minelab handle).

The Cable Thing will protect your expensive coil investment. Anyone who does not make one or buy one risks more than a cable failure, shorting the lead can damage the detector electronics. And we all know what a pain it can be to be without you detector for the weeks of repair/shipping time.

They make a great stocking stuffer

CNC machined here in the U.S.A.

Price: $19.95 +$2.50 USPS First Class

International orders outside the U.S.: Please email for shipping quote AccuturnMFG (AT)

Herb Browning
AccuturnMFG (AT)

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