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Family History



First, a little info on me.

My name is Zipporah Deeble. "Zipporah" means "Little Bird" in hebrew. I live in Maynard, Ma with my mom and dad. My mom was born in England, after her parents more their from Ireland. My mom came to the United States when she was about 3 years old. My dad is orginal from Jamaica, and he came the the U.S. when he was 18 years old. I have two sisters. My younger sister is 14 her name is Adrienne. My older sister is 33 and lives in Seattle, WA. Her name is Julie, she is married and works for the Microsoft company. I would say I have a medium size family, I don't have a bunch of cousins, but I do have a good amount of aunts and uncles. company.

Some more facts about me.

  • I like sports, such as softball and basketball.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • My birthday is Feb. 18th.
  • My favorite food is mashed potatos.


    These are some pictures of me and my little sister when we we were younger.


    This is me as a baby.










    About my mom's family.

    My mom was born in London, England in 1953 to Catherine Heffernin and Thomas Landers. She is the second of five children and the second of three girls.

    My mom.





    My Poppa (grandfather).