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Counter Acting Time
Wednesday, 10 August 2005
Chapter 2: Sealed Grip
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An Hour Glass Full of Thoughts
A year or so went by.
The young mans birthdays past like storm clouds on a hot summer day.
Still very immature at the time, as well he would be for many years.
His looks on life had became different from the begining.
His new interest in the paranormal had shined through.
Although there was a small fear with his research, he continued.
Him being raised not really religously.
He did attend sunday school at a young age.
As well he looked at worshiping a higher power that in a books terms gave you so much was mostly a burden on his part and others.
His thoughts looked at this as a way of wasting your time, when you could be doing other things.
If this higher power gave you so much, and sacraficed so much for you.
This higher power would surely want you to live the life that he gave you.
To drop that subject at the time.
The young mans body had toned up.
Although he still lacked knowledge with eating right, and other various exercises that could help him achieve his goal that he was striving for.
He kepted up with his exercises, and leared away from foods that could decrease his chances with his goal.
His anger at the time was directed as his mother, and kids at school.
They had no clue what he felt, as well as what he was going through at the time.
He only wished he could build on becoming smarter in the world around him.
This would evently come to him in his later years.
As we know it now..
Time was the enemy.

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Chapter 1: Some Things Are Meant To Be
Mood:  lyrical
Looking at life from a new Prospective
To start off, we all make mistakes.
We do foolish things when where young.
We do learn from are mistakes...(sometimes)
Other times we go through alot more learning of some kind in some way to understand what we did, even if it means going through some kind, or sort of pain.
To start my story off, we have this familiar scenario.
A young man, the age of 19, looked at life with some anger... Which some people really couldnt blame him for, because of his past in school and other places.
As a child, he use to be extremely obese.
Kids, adults, would treat him differently.
This was the usual treatment from many people including his parents.
Well years went by.
He grew older...his mind collecting more thoughts of how people treated him...understanding in some ways how some people work, there emotions, and the way they think.
Indeed he was still overweight, but he couldnt stand it anymore.
He set his mind to dieting with and uncomplete balance of cereal everyday, with skim milk.
Walking his way to jogging around a multi star complex.
Which was really a huge place.
He kept this up.
When he went back to school some people noticed change.
As well as other people didnt.
He was proud of his ongoing accomplishment.
How he could stay on a diet while most people couldnt, because of his determination.
He added weight lifting to his jogging.
Gained muscle in a month or so.
His shoulders sculpted up, as well as his arms.
Then he added other exercises, such as crunches, push ups, and weight lifting.
He became stronger.
His mind was a bit more focused then usual.
He knew his goal at the time.
In time though, he would understand not everything comes this easy.

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Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005 10:44 AM EDT

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