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Friday, 9 September 2005
Love Other's Husband and Wife
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Topic: Is other's wife mine?
Illiciate love? All the human beings are thirsty for love. Once love comes into their life. When a man or woman develops his / her thoughts of life, s/he feels very intimacy with a know person for whom he has a soft corner in the heart. And love grows. At the next step of love he marries a woman. But this is not the end of life, the next step is bitter. About 90% people can not be happy after their marriage for several reasons.
That's why they need other's wife as their friend and afterwords, this friendship turns into love. They want to share their life, joy and happiness with each other. Though they are not husband and wife, they acts as husband and wife. But a bit fear of others.
Why do they not marry? Though they love each other very intimately, they don't want to marry together. They think of the society first. People can critisize them, so it's better to love other secretly. They fear their family also. Their kids may hate them. The main thing is own husband or wife who can creat a battle field at home.
There is a new taste of life in the illiciate (porokia) love. It refreshes mind, makes one's mind happy and joyous. It brings mental satisfaction to life. The second thing is physical side. Physical connection with the favourite person gives one ease and comfort. They can enjoy their bed-game together and have a nice comfort of it.
There is a bit of hesitation in the bed-game. They can not enjoy their sex so much freely. Because they even on the bed they are always afraid of others from whom they want to keep a save distance. There is no available place for illiciate sex, because it's an unauthorized sex. So, these lovers have to enjoy their sex on the sly.
I am not on behalf of the illiciate lovers. It is the feeling of my imaginary mind which wants illiciate love sometimes. I have just felt their mind only. I want them to be happy with their family. May they love their husband and wife and kids.

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Posted by ab9/banglaporokia at 8:07 PM
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