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Accounts Recovery Corporation, A.R.C., ARC, A R C, Account Recovery Corp


This company violated the Fair Trading Act and the Consumer protection act.

They called while I was working even after I informed them to stop, and that I would communicate with them by mail.

They called excessively, which is harassment (especially after I told them to stop).

They lied several times.

They gave misleading information.

They gave false threats, such as them taking legal action (they cannot do so unless they are a lawyer agency or they have sent a court order).

They would not send requested information by mail when I asked for it.

They told me (lied) that a check I sent them had an NSF, but this was no such case. The bank statement had no NSF on it and the bank never sent any NSF. Most likely they didn't even cash or try to cash the check, or they lost it. They then said that "well it wasn't actually an NSF" a few days later and startied giving outrageous excuses.

When I asked them to send a copy of their NSF statement or their notice of NSF, they said they didn't have it (which either proves that they didn't even get an NSF in the first place, or that they are corrupt and unlawful) Several days later, they then went back to lying and said there was an NSF. Still wouldn't send a copy or proof that there was any NSF.

They looked into another bank account I had without my authorization.

Accounts Recovery Corporation : Important Information for Consumers

If you are ripped off by this company or even contacted them with any sort of harassment or annoyance, please record what they say on a peice of paper and find every little detail that violates the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Protection Act. The Acts are available online (find them on a search engine) for you to view.

Report the company to the appropriate authorities:
- BBB (Better Business Bureau), HRDC
- Contact the department in charge of the FTA or CPA acts
- Contact and other websites that are making an effort to publicize A.R.C. unlawful practices.
- Contact the HRDC complaint office

Contacting these vultures:
General Inquiries
Phone: (250) 953-6900
Fax: (250) 953-6999
Toll Free: 1-888-769-9272
E-mail: General Inquiries
Client Relations - Ombudsman
Toll Free: 1-888-771-9111
Fax: 1-877-206-3824,