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Hi welcome To Wootton X
Message boards:
Mrs. J. Ackroyd (P/T)        A
Mr. R. Ashley        AS
Miss E. Barber        EB
Ms. E. Bishop (P/T)        BI
Miss D. Bolam        DB
Ms. H. Bowes (P/T)        HB
Mrs. J. Brakes (P/T)        JB
Miss S. Braybrooke         BR
Mr. K. Brightman (P/T)        KB
Mr. M. Bunn        MB
Mr. S. Callister        CA
Mr. M. Chalmers        C
Mr. K. Christodoulou        KC
Mrs. P. Clark        PC
Mrs. V. Clarson        CL
Mr. J. Cleave        CJ
Miss A. Clement        AC
Ms. V. Collin (GTP)        VC
Mr. J. Cottrell        CO
Mrs. H. Crawshaw        HC
Mrs. M. Ellwood        ME
Mrs. S. Evans        SE
Mrs. K. Everett        KE
Mr. C. Featherstone        F
Mr. D. Fleure        FL
Mrs. D. Fleure        DF
Mr. G. Freemantle        GF
Mrs. M. Gaishauser (P/T)        MG
Mrs. U. Garwood        UG
Mr. M. Gleeson        GL
Mr. J. Glenville        JA
Mr. G. Graham (P/T)        GR
Mr. D. Gray        DG
Ms. J. Greenwood (P/T)        JG
Mrs. J. Hall (P/T)        JH
Mrs. L. Harley        LH
Mr. J. Harper        HP
Miss K. Hawkes        KH
Mr. J. Henderson (P/T)        HE
Mrs. S. Henderson (P/T)        SH
Mr. B. Herbert        BH
Mrs. D. Horsman        HO
Mrs. H. Hunt (P/T)        HH
Miss V. Jackson        VJ
Miss K. James        KJ
Mrs. R. Jervis (P/T)        JE
Miss K. Kelly        KK
Miss F. Knight        KN
Miss K. Langdown        KL
Mr. M. Lehain        ML
Miss A. Macdonald        AM
Miss K. McGeoghan        MC
Miss A. McKenna        MK
Mr. K. Meij        KM
Mr. G. Moore        M
Mr. J. Moore        MO
Mr. H. Muaquat        MU
Mrs. J. O'Callaghan        OC
Mrs. J. Peace (P/T)        JP
Mr. H. Pratt (P/T)        PR
Mrs. A. Readhead        AR
Dr. D. Reid        DR
Mr. J. Richardson        JR
Mrs. J. Richman        RI
Ms. N. Rider (GTP)        NR
Miss K. Robertson        KR
Mr. S. Scudamore        SC
Mr. I. Smith        IGS
Miss. A. Spurling        SP
Mrs. I. Stanley (P/T)        IS
Mrs. C. Stewart        CS
Mr. I. Stewart        STE
Mr. S. Strickland        ST
Dr. P. Sutton        SU
Mrs. J. Swain (P/T)        SW
Mr. D. Sweetnam (P/T)        DS
Mrs. R. Syson (P/T)        SY
Mr. B. Temple        TE
Mr. B. Thompson        BT
Mr. M. Thompson        TH
Dr. A. Waine        WA
Mrs. S. Wetherell (P/T)        WE
Mr. S. Wienand        WI
Mr. R. Williams        RSW
Mrs. C. Willmott        CW
Mrs. P. Wilson (P/T)         PW
Mr. M. Wincott        MW
Mr. A. Withell (Headteacher)        AW
Miss A. Woodhouse        WO
This site is by the students for the students because we know how crap the school can be and the teachers too so want to have a go at them, then click on the link of the thing you wnt to have a go on and write something that u feel about it please no bad language else the school will filter the site thanx. btw if u hav any suggestions email me @
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