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We’ve added loads of stuff;
- Benyon House Evening page
- Piper House Evening page
- Pensioner’s Party page
- The Alternative Prospectus
- Christmas Awards page

And we still have the Hunt House Evening page, Nick’s Football Tournament, and the Charity Ball page to come!

The Sixth Form site is a work-in-progress. It is run by Sixth Form students in our spare time which is why it is not as updated as we’d like. We know there are things wrong, like links or pictures not working, and that’s why we’d appreciate anyone’s help; we need people who can write reviews of events such as House Evenings and othe sixth form organised things, people to photograph the above events, people to write code, people to design layouts and things of pages, people who’d like to help us manage the site…we’ll take pretty much anyone! If you’re interested, email us here.

If you have any suggestions, please email The Webteam