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Scott House Evening

Scott House Evening: A Real Fairy Story.

Once upon a time, in a school hall not so far away, something mysterious was happening. Fairies, Snow White and Prince Charming have all been seen in the vicinity, beanstalks are sprouting on the walls. It must be Scott House Evening.

The evening is largely organised by the Scott House Prefects, whose multitasking abilities are on show tonight. They’ve painted the scenery, auditioned the acts and written the script, all with nosey Website writers pestering them for interviews.

The theme this year is "fairytales", inspired by the current craze created by the Shrek films. The theme was described as "fantastic", "cool", and "awesome" by various people we spoke to.

As any member of Sixth Form will tell you, it gets a little hectic sometimes. But our resilient workers coped with it, "It hasn’t been a lot of added work. Everyone’s been enthusiastic and helpful, so it was fun" appears to be the general view, although others refuted the fact that they do work at the best of times. Tasha tells us "it hasn’t been that bad, you can leave when you have too. Other work has not been a problem, teachers have been really understanding. The Art Dept. have been nice. They’ve given us materials and space." "I’m just tired", adds Michelle.

Jenny, whose responsibility it was as House Captain to organise everything/everyone said "It was a lot of work, but we've shared the workload. It's been rewarding seeing it all come together".

So was it hard for our fellow Sixth Formers to organise all the hyperactive lower years? Opinions are divided on this one; answers ranged from "Yes, but they were co-operative" and "no, because I didn’t organise anyone".

Jenny says they looked for acts that were "musical or dancers" primarily, although they looked at everyone who showed talent and commitment, but especially enthusiasm.

We also asked what the best and worst bits were. "Helping in art was good," says Duncan, "But the time limit, setting out equipment, and there not being enough room to rehearse weren’t so good". Sarah-Jane and Paul agree that performing was the best part, but Michelle says that "the first step, getting people organised" was the hardest. Scott, who was just made to play his role of the Ugly Sister comments, in all seriousness, that "not being able to stand up to pee" was the worst part of the whole process.

And after some stunning performances and some serious hand clapping, everyone left with smiles on their faces, and lived happily ever after.

You can see a short video of clips from the evening by clicking here. (File size=1.3MB) The video/sound is not great, because the file had to be made as small as possible. If you would like a copy of the video as an .avi file, give a CD-R/CD-RW disc to one of the webteam, with your name on a piece of paper.

Thanks to the tech team (above) who let us sit at the back with them and get in their way.

Words by Jade Hanley. Photos by Rubi Akthar and Jade Hanley. Videos by Rubi Akthar and Jade Hanley, edited by Jade Hanley.