Textiles AS/A-Level

What's it all about?

The textiles AS course consists of theory and coursework. With the theory side of the course you look at three modules; fabrics and fibres, product design and design and technology in society. For the coursework you have to research, design and make products. For example, this year you had to think of a 'problem' (gap in the market) and design and make accessories.

The A2 course is a similar layout to the AS course. However, you don't do a theory module on product design and the theory is much more in depth. The coursework is more advanced than at AS level but is a similar layout. For example, instead of focusing on accessories, you have to design and make an outfit.

What have we got?

Sixth formers have the Sixth form technology suite to use during their course. They can use this room during their study periods. There is a computer suite in the technology department which can be used for your coursework.

Specific to textiles, there are two classrooms. These both have a set of sewing machines and one has a knitting machine, a CAD CAM embroidery machine and a heat presser.

What do we think?

Lizzie Waddell (An A2 student): "The textiles teachers have first-hand experience in the textile industry so are able to explain the industry when learning theory in detail and with examples. The coursework is hardwork but the end result is definately worth it."

Michelle Stevens (An A2 student): "Textiles gives you the opportunity to be creative within your coursework. The theory part of the course makes you understand the textiles industry."

Zara Dean (An A2 student): " I enjoy the coursework side of the course the most as it lets you use your imagination and creative ability. However, the coursework is hard work so you need to ensure you do independent work when needed."

The best bits?

- Making products/a product which you can then use

- Going on visits to fashion museums

- Looking at designers which interest you and using their work to influence you own

- Developing your designs

What can I do after?

There are a number of college courses such as a foundation in art and design that will develop your skills and knowledge of textiles. Or, you could go onto university to do a degree in fashion design or fashion marketing and management.

By Zara Dean

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